Clearing Some Misconceptions Other Christian Denominations Have Concerning The "Brotherhood Of The Cross And Star".

The Brotherhood Of The Cross And Star which was established in the
year 1956 by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu is different from the mainstream
christianity, it has some unique beliefs. Such as the transmigration
of humans to animals and reincarnation, the central belief of B.C.S is
LOVE. It is based on Love towards one another, it's buildings are
called Bethels.

It is very different from other christian denominations that preaches
all about hellfire, money money, what is being taught in B.C.S always
is love.
The motto is, Peace, Love and Hope.
The founder is Leader Olumba Olumba Obu who hails from Biakpan near
Calabar in Cross Rivers State, Nigeria. He have since handed over to
his son Rowland Obu.

The brethens see Leader O.O. Obu as the full manifestation of the
holyspirit who have come to explain the teachings of the lord Jesus
Christ, since Jesus Christ couldn't explain everything before his

I won't write much about the beliefs and history of the church,
because my main aim of writing this article is to clear some
misconceptions other christian denominations have on B.C.S.

1.) They Say Olumba Olumba Obu Claims To Be God:
This is a great fallacy, O.O. Obu never said he was God. He has
repeatedly said that he is not God or Jesus Christ. They should know
from today that O.O. Obu never claimed to be God.
The truth is that many of his followers in Nigeria and across the
world gives him the attributes of God, they even call him God and the
sole spiritual head of the universe. This was what made Leader Olumba
Olumba Obu to clearify them that he isn't God or Jesus Christ.

2.) They Say B.C.S. Don't Use The Bible:
Again this is another lie, being a member for some many years I am
telling you that B.C.S use the bible. B.C.S prefers using the King
James Version of the bible to the one's that have be translated by
other denominations.
The only difference is that the church uses a different hymn, Olumba
name is use in place of Jesus Christ in the hymns because they believe
that they can praise God through Olumba.

3.) They Say B.C.S. Don't Pray With Jesus Name:
Should I bother myself by saying that it's another lie again? Yes I
should. This is also another lie.
The brethrens pray with both the name of Jesus Christ and Olumba Obu,
they can interchange them since they believe that the coming of Olumba
was in fulfillment of the coming of the holy spirit. B.C.S prays in
the name of Jesus Christ.
B.C.S is a school for practical christianity which is based on love.
The teachings of Olumba is backed with the New Testament, the
preachers usually say that old things (Old Testament) have passed
It is very rare or let me say impossible for you to see a preacher in
the Bethel preaching from the Old Testament, the church is based on
the divine teaching of Jesus Christ which is love.

4.) They Say B.C.S Brethrens Suck Blood:
Trust me if this was to be true I would have sucked all my classmates
blood abi. But this is another lie, B.C.S brethrens don't suck blood
and the denomination is the best among all christian denominations.

I will stop here, B.C.S was founded based on the teachings of Jesus
Christ. And Leader Olumba Olumba is believed to be the manifestation
of the holy spirit, fulfilling the prophecy of the lord Jesus Christ
that a comforter will come to mankind.

Many christian denominations have been fueling lies against B.C.S,
this could be because those denominations are only interested in
threatening people with hellfire and making quick money from their
poor members.
But the doctrine of Leader Olumba Olumba is based on the greatest
teaching of Jesus Christ which is LOVE.

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