Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 1)


Clinton and his cousin B6yo together with their friend Apha were on an
adventure, they have past many towns and villages. They just wanted to
feel the world, they were all riding on horses. Deep in their hearts
happiness had no limit because they just finished their tutorials, and
so they were free to go to anywhere they wanted. Any student that
graduated was granted independence from their parents.

Clinton: When we get back home, I'm going to open a part time school
to teach some kids about things we saw and did during our adventure.
Apha: Hey I had that plan first.
Boyo: Well it all depends on who starts first. You know the girls like
me and they can get many students for me, and in that case I win.
Clinton: Not if I go back with the head of a beast, you know ladies
love heroes. So if I go back with the head of a beast they would all
be around me.
Apha: (laughs) You both care alot about the girls, you think you can
all have them.
Boyo: I will surely have them all, they love me. And I am the best
student that graduated, how do you see it?
Apha: Well, just in case you guys have forgotten. My Dad is the chief
of the west side of our village, the women mostly farms there.
Clinton: Hahaha, we are talking about ladies, young beautiful ladies.
And you are here probably talking about some old women.
Boyo: Hahaha, tell him.
Apha: You guys are just arriving at quick decisions, well I was not
yet done with what I wanted to say.
Boyo: Go ahead then.
Apha: My father will tell the women to bring their children both boys
and girls including the ladies so I can teach them.
Clinton: Is that all?
Boyo: Wait let him be through first, let's see what plan he got.
Apha: They will obey their mothers and not you peole, I hope you
people got me now (winks).
Clinton: Oh, you win here.
Boyo: Oh Clint! You just gave up so easily, girls can do anything for
love so they can disobey their mothers since they love me. (He laughed
very loud).
Apha: Okay then, till we get back after the adventure.
Clinton: Okay comrades, let's forget about the ladies talk. Remember
no matter what we face in this adventure we should always look out for
one another, leave no man behind!
Boyo and Apha: Great!
Clinton: Now let's move faster.

The three of them kicked their horses and they moved very fast, they
approached a very thick forest. More thicker than any they have passed
through, the forest was very much quiet and so the three of them
reduced the speed of their horses.

Clinton: Something doesn't look good about this forest, it is not in
the map we have. Something is really wrong here.
Apha: Don't be afraid comrade, maybe the map makers forgot here or
they didn't deem it necessary to place it in the map.
Clinton: Or maybe this forest never existed before.
Apha: (laughs) Will you believe such rubbish? They just forgot.
Boyo: What about magic? This forest is very different trust me, the
leaves are not falling down. This place is very cool, there are fruits
everywhere. This must be magic.
Apha: Hey guys, stop it. There's no magic, all the witches and wizards
have been killed 21 years ago by the great Abdulrasaq.
Clinton: Some could have gone into hiding, and maybe planning to come
back and wage another war.
Apha: Never! The great Abdulrasaq went to every corner of the 7 dark
kingdoms, he killed the last of their race.
Clinton: Hmm, nice one. You are really good in history.
Apha: Thank you.

They walked for a while, there were noises near them. They drew out
their swords ready for defence, 12 wolves as large as a mighty lion
blocked their passage way.
The horse were afraid and they fell the boys down, the horses left
them on the floor and ran away.
They stood up battle ready.
Clinton: Remember comrades, we will document this in the chronicles of
the three comrades. Let's charge!
Boyo: I don't think this is a good idea.
Apha: Me too.
Clinton: Well I didn't think before saying that.
Apha: So what's the plan now?
Clinton: Look at your right, there's a narrow road there. The wolves
can't follow us because it is too little for their size.
Boyo: Got it! You are a genius!
Clinton: When I say run we run, we got to be very fast. Now run!

The boys ran and the wolves chased them but luckily for them they got
to the narrow road before the wolves. The boys walked and walked, they
were hungry but Clinton and Boyo refused eating any of the fruits in
the forest. Apha ate and laughed at the two of them.
They came out of the forest and saw a very large beautiful island
covered by water.
That was the island of Elu!

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