Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 2)

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>> Entering The Island >>

The boys looked at the island with their mouths wide open, it was the
best they have ever seen in their life time. The large water covering
it was blood red in colour, there were three canoes tied to some trees
near the water.
Clinton: This place is wow, this is incredible.
Boyo: Oh yea, incredible. But why is the water blood red in colour?
Apha: Oh, this must be the island of Elu where the great Abdulrasaq
ended the battle with witches. The great Abdulrasaq and his men
crushed the witches and wizards, and poured their stinking blood here.
Clinton: Oh Apha! You seen to be good in history, it seems the girls
will be actually yours.
Boyo: Comrades! Don't you people think something is strange? If the
blood of the witches were poured here twenty years ago why is the
water still blood red?
Apha: Don't you know that witches blood are very strong, that's the reason.
Clinton: Let me check my map to see if the colour of the water was indicated.

Clinton checked his map and he became confused, the island in the map
was different from the one in his front but it still beared the same
He looked up again, the island in the map was mainly made up of tall
trees but the one in front of him was full of different kinds of
flowers. Green grasses, and mountain stairs that went very high to the
sky, crystal homes, and fruits too.
Clinton: Hey comrades, check out this map. There are many differences
from what is in front of us, something must have changed this.

Boyo and Apha checked the map and Apha bursted into laughter, Clinton
and Boyo looked at him like he was a clown.

Apha: This map was probably made by someone who haven't been here before.
Clinton: Look, it was made by one of the soldiers that followed the
great Abdulrasaq here.
Apha: Any one can lie and say he was with the great Abdulrasaq.
Boyo: I don't feel good about this, let's go back.
Apha: Go back? We have come a long way in this adventure, we must
explore everywhere possible.

They heard noises of the wolves they earlier escaped from, they looked
at each other in fear.

Apha: Okay comrades, the wolves or the island?
Clinton & Boyo: The island!

The boys ran and untied the canoes, they paddled fast before the
wolves reached the shore.

Boyo: That was so close.
Clinton: How are we going to get back? We can't fight this wolves.
Apha: Being strong then is the only choice we have.

( The Witches Room)
The seven witches were at their large room watching the boys through
their mirror. Normally they were 202 years but their magic made them
look like they were in their early forties, they wore black robes and
their witch hats. They held their magic wands and their flying brooms
were in corners in the room. Witch Bola was their leader.

Witch Bola: These boys are indeed brave, they saw the sight of blood
and the unusual way this Island is but yet they venture in.
Witch Catherine: And they will pay with their blood for this act of foolishness.
Witch Ngozi: No! We have been s.ex starved for a long time. Let's play
with their minds and make them our slaves.
Witch Haruna: You are right!
Witch Bola: No, I have another plan for them. We will kill two and
keep one alive, and then we will use the one as spy. Through him we
will get to know more things, the spell casted by that stupid wizard
Emeka have no yet wore off.
Witch Sandra: Oh I forgot, what was the spell?
Witch Bola: He prevented us from moving past that forest.
Witch Sandra: I hope he is dead by now.
Witch Bola: Maybe, we will check him when freed.
They witches all laughed in an evil way.

( Back To The Boys )

Clinton: Did anyone hear that sound?
Apha: Bat sounds I think, they are just animals.
Clinton: I hope so.
Boyo: This blood red water now looks like red wine.
Apha: Taste it.
Boyo: No, I won't.
Apha: Clinton it seems we came with a coward to this record breaking adventure.
Clinton: He don't drink wine actually.
Apha: I will taste it.
Clinton: If you wish.

Apha tasted it and it was very sweet to him so he kept on drinking
till he got tired. Boyo was now asleep, Clinton paddled the Canoe for
15 more minutes and they reached the shore of the island.
Clinton woke up Boyo and Apha who dozed up because of the excess
(blood) wine he tooked, they both woke up but Apha was weak.

Clinton: Stand strong comrades! We are entering inside the mysterious
island, the kind no one in the kingdom of Alimadu have seen. Great
Apha & Boyo: Great!
They started their walk inside the island.


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