Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 3)

If you missed episode 2, please read it here

<< APHA IS DOWN!! >>

Bravely with their swords drawn out Clinton, Boyo and Apha went inside
the island. When they passed the crystal gate at the entrance Boyo and
Clinton had a strange feeling, Apha seem not to have experienced it.

Boyo: Did you guys experience anything?
Apha: (slightly drunk) I didn't, so what did you experience?
Boyo: A kind of feeling like I came out of water.
Clinton: Me too.
Apha: Oh you two again, you got nothing to worry about. It's just one
of the feelings you have when you go to an amazing place. So keep your
heads up comrades as we explore this heavenly island, hahaha.
Clinton: I have been to so many new places and I haven't had this kind
of feeling, I hope what I'm thinking is not true.
Boyo: (moody voice) I think witches.
Apha: Don't worry comrades, if you two are so afraid then I think I
will lead this adventure.

Apha led them from the front as Clinton and Boyo followed him with
their their eyes looking at every corner, so they wouldn't have an
unpleasant suprise.
They saw chocolate cakes and were tempted to eat them, since Clinton
and Boyo felt bad about the place they refused eating it.
Apha ate the chocolate, he made an expression on his face to show them
that the chocolate was yummy.

Apha: This is very yummy, you guys need to try some.
Clinton: No, we won't taste anything on this island.
Apha: Huh?
Clinton: Don't you get it? Everything is strange right from that
forest, and you seem not to be concerned.
Apha: I am a brave man! I am no coward! Only cowards like you two are
afraid to taste things.
Clinton: Call me a coward again and I will punch your nose.
Apha: Bring it on coward!

Clinton rushed at Apha and made to punch his nose, Apha dodged and
laughed at him calling him coward. This made Clinton angry so he drew
out his sword and said to Apha, "Draw out your sword let fight like
real swordmen and we will know who the real coward is."
Apha: My pleasure comrade.
Boyo: You guys should stop this, we are here for an adventure and not
a fight. We are all comrades!
Clinton: Stay out this Boyo, I will show him why I am called the beast.
Apha: Hahaha and I will show you why I am called the devil.

Clinton charged at him and they started fighting with thier swords.


The witches has been watching them all this while, this was the first
time humans came into the island after the end of the great war led by
the great Abdulrasaq.

Witch Bola: Ordinary humans, fighting just to dominate each other. The
human world knows really nothing about the suprise we have for them,
we will shake their world more than they shaked ours.
Witch Ngozi: Yes my queen, we will crush them all. We will eat them as
meat and drink their blood as wine. Their generations to come in the
future will fear our race, and we will destroy the entire generation
of that idiot Abdulrasaq.
Witch Sandra: Shall we meet the boys now?
Witch Bola: No, let's watch them fight a little.
Witch Haruna: I fear something.
Witch Bola: And what is it?
Witch Haruna: We might not get the other two boys since they didn't
taste any thing, the spell the stupid wizard Emeka casted on us have
greatly limited our powers.
Witch Bola: Hahaha, hahaha. Is that all?
Witch Haruna: Yes my Queen.
Witch Bola: Good, if we can't get them the dogs will. Hahaha.

Clinton and Apha kept fighting with both blocking each other's move,
Boyo sat on top a rock and watched them.

Apha: You can't beat me, remember that girl Temi defeated you during
the tutorials. And that had officially made you a coward, hahaha.
Clinton: You idiot! She was stronger than me then, but I swear I can
beat her anytime anyday.
Apha: Save your speech till you meet her.
Clinton: No problem then.

They kept on fighting but Apha felt an akward feeling in his body, the
wine and chocolate he ate has started troubling him. They were just
baits set by the witches to get people to the island since wizard
Emeka limited their powers.
Apha fell down, Boyo and Clinton rushed to lift him up.

Apha: I feel so weak, I can't move my body.
Clinton: You must be sick.
Apha: No, I think it's the wine and chocolate I ate.
Boyo: We warned you but you didn't listen.
Clinton: (lifts Apha) Let's get out of this island.
Boyo: Yea sure.

Immediately the witches appeared in front of them with their faces all
white and with their magic wands.

Clinton: (afraid) Who are you people?
Witch Kitana: We are the witches representing the 7 dark kingdoms.

When the boys heard it, they made to run but Witch Haruna carried Apha
body using her magic wand since he was now under their control.
Clinton: Leave him alone.
Witch Haruna: No, he dies!
She brought out a knife and stabbed Apha.
Clinton & Boyo: No!
The Witches: Hahahahaha, hahahaha.


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