Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 4)

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<< The Run Out Of The Island >>

Boyo and Clinton watched as blood gushed out of Apha's heart and
mouth, Witch Haruna tasted the blood and the witches all laughed.

Clinton: (draws out sword) You will all pay for this.
Boyo: Calm down Clint, they are witches.
Clinton: (angry) And what difference does that make?
Boyo: They got magical powers and we are just ordinary humans.
Clinton: No, we promised never to leave anyone behind.
Apha: (in a fading voice) Run!
Clinton: Forgive me comrade, we will be back to avenge you.
Boyo: Come on, let's go.
Clinton: (whispering to Boyo) Let's stone them and run away.
Boyo: Okay, let's do it for Apha.
Witch Bola: Do what? Your friend is dead and so will one of you die again.
Clinton: He did nothing bad to you people yet you killed him, your
kind are so heartless.
Witch Bola: No, your kind is. You humans destroyed our kingdoms, you
people killed the last of us but met your greatest resistance on this
island. No human that ever comes to this island will go back alive.
Boyo: (to Clinton) let's do it.

They stoned the witches which were not expecting it, Apha body which
was hanging on the air fell. The witches shouted and the entire island
changed, the cloud was now dark, there was thunder and lightning. The
sun on the island turned to blood red, the stairs that led to air
started falling, everything crystal changed to wood. Tall tree grew
and bats flew round the sky, the island changed back to the original
way it was when the battle started 20 years ago. It was a sign that
the spell of the wizard Emeka will soon wear off.
Boyo: (afraid) What is happening?
Clinton: It seems we got them, now let's run.
Witch Haruna: We will catch you two.
Witch Bola: No, let the dogs get them.

Clinton and Boyo ran towards the gate which had now turned wooden, the
witches sent huge dogs after them. The eyes of the dogs were pure

Boyo: Dogs are after us.
Clinton: (looks back) They are huge!
Boyo: I think they will out run us, I hope everything doesn't end here. Clinton!
Clinton: What?
Boyo: If I die and you escape, tell my people that I died like a hero.
Clinton: You are already talking about death, think, think and think!
Boyo: How can I be running from death and be thinking at the same time.
Clinton: Who will believe me that witches still exist? Huh?
Boyo: I think I got something.
Clinton: What's that?
Boyo: Let's use the fuel with us and light up the road, that will delay them.
Clinton: Yes, and we will take the arrows there and dig it to the
ground (he pointed to a place where there were many arrows). It will
kill some of the dogs.
Boyo: Yes! Brilliant.

They stopped at the place where many arrows were on the floor, Boyo
poured fuel in the road and lighted it. Clinton dug the arrows to the
ground in a slant position so that it will kill the unsuspecting dogs.

Clinton: Oh yes, now that we are done, let's take this (he pointed to
some bows and arrows lying in the ground.
Boyo: Oh yea, we will use it and kill the remaining damn dogs that
will pass the fire.
Clinton: I think these equipments belong to the slain soldiers.
Boyo: Sure.
Clinton: Now, let's run! The dogs are closing in!
Boyo: Run!

The two of them ran as the dogs reached, so got killed while the rest
retreated in search of a new road.


The body of Apha was laid in an altar inside the roon the 7 witches
stayed, they kept him there so he could be revived just in case the
others escaped.

Witch Bola: These boys are smart, hmm. We trained those dogs well so
they will devour the boys.
Witch Ngozi: I believe so, but something is getting me glued to this
boy (she points to Clinton at the mirror)
Witch Bola: And what is it?
Witch Ngozi: He looks like Abdulrasaq!
Witch Bola: What?!
Witch Ngozi: Yes, I suspect he must be one of his descendant.
Witch Kitana: Or his son, they both look alike.
Witch Bola: What! A descendant or son of Abdulrasaq must not leave
this island alive!
Witch Haruna: What can we do my Queen? We are under the spell, we can
only wish for the dogs to get them.
Witch Bola screamed and her voice echoed in the whole island.


Clinton: That must be the witches.
Boyo: Yes comrade, let's keep running faster.
Clinton: If we get out of here alive no one will believe us about what
happened to Apha.
Boyo: I'm afraid it will be so. May his soul reach heaven.
Clinton: Ofcourse, he will!

Clinton and Boyo reached the gate of the island which had now turned
wooden, Boyo tried opening it while Clinton stayed alert waiting for
any attack. A dog showed up and Clinton shut it down with the arrow,
just as the rest of them arrived Boyo opened the gate. Boyo and
Clinton ran towards the water as they left the island without their


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