Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 5)

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<< My Name Is Voski >>

The boys ran towards the water as they slammed the gate at the dogs,
when they got to the water the colour had already changed. It has now
turned dark with bones and skulls floating on the surface. Boyo and
Clinton untied the canoes and started paddling.

Boyo: Comrade this water just changed.
Clinton: Yea, the island was more evil than we thought.
Boyo: Oh, disgusting! Could this be the real thing Apha was drinking?
Clinton: I guess so.
Boyo: Oh mahn, this is sick. May his soul rest in peace.
Clinton: Amen. Everyone is going to think that we killed him, who will
believe us that we saw witches? No one!
Boyo: Hmm, but we got no choice. We just have to tell them. Do you
know what happened to the great Abdulrasaq after the battle?
Clinton: Uhn, I don't really know. Some said he died a few years later
because of some sort of spell the witches used on him, some said he
secretly married to a woman in our village before he died.
Boyo: Hmm, who could this lady be? That means the great Abdulrasaq has
a successor. If it's a lady she would be very beautiful and if it's a
boy he will be stronger than lions.
Clinton: And I will have her as my wife if she's a lady, you know only
a brave man can marry a brave woman.
Boyo: Funny you, we are yet to find out.
Clinton: Yea, I just hope the villagers will believe our story.

They heard the noises of wolves.

Clinton: I think the wolves are just near the shore, we got to be at
alert comrade.
Boyo: Oh yea, I think we should pray for the forgiveness of our sins
so that the gods will accept our soul just in case we die.
Clinton: We will take the narrow road first, then we strike the wolves.
Boyo: I see death!
Clinton: We wouldn't die, we will fight our way alive.
Boyo: I pray so comrade.
Clinton: That's the spirit, we are heroes. We will go back later to
the island and have our vengeance.
Boyo: Yea, sure.

The boys continued paddling towards the shore. Deep in their minds
they had swore not to go down so easy, they will fight till they
breath their last.

( In The Witches Room )

Witch Ngozi: They escaped the dogs, we trained those dogs very well.
That was impossible, I used magic on those dogs.
Witch Bola: Well, the boys were smarter than the dogs.
Witch Ngozi: Is that all?
Witch Bola: And just in case you have forgotten, the wizard Emeka
initially brought the dogs so you don't expect your magic to work on
his dogs when the spell haven't wore off yet.
Witch Ngozi: Ha! What did we do to that pig Emeka that he decided to
work with Abdulrasaq?
Witch Sandra: Maybe it's because we divorced his ass.
Witch Kitana: Hahaha.
Witch Bola: No, we turned evil. He did it because we turned evil, we
are proud of being evil. It is the nature of our kind to be evil. Now
that we are almost at extinction, one day I will become more powerful
then I will ressurrect all the fallen witches and zombies will walk on
the earth.
Witch Haruna: My Queen we should be talking about the boys for now.
Witch Bola: They don't stand a chance to escape, the wolves will rip
them apart.
Witch Haruna: Oh my Queen, that's what we said concerning the dogs too.
Witch Bola: Don't worry, wolves are not dogs. And besides, those boys
are tired now. They haven't eaten for a while and so they cannot keep
up with the speed of my wolves.
Witch Haruna: Okay then my Queen, we will watch them being devoured.
Witch Bola: (pointing at Apha at the altar) As for their friend, he
would be very useful to us.
Witch Kitana: He's dead already and so he is useless.
Witch Bola: No, I still have a little working trick.

They all laughed!


The boys had past the water and have tied the canoe, they entered the
narrow road with their swords drawn out and battle ready.

Boyo: We will have our names in the legends book if we die here.
Clinton: Funny, no one knows us. If we die here we will remain
forgotten, that's why we need to fight to live.
Boyo: Oh, I got it now.

They came of the narrrow road and saw their horses, they were very
happy because they would reach home faster now.

Just as they mounted on their horses and were about to race home three
wolves jumped to their front. They were scared to death, suddenly
arrows came out from nowhere and killed the wolves. The boys were
suprised, a dwarf came out from his hiding.

Dwarf: Hi, my name is Voski.
Clinton: (to Boyo) A dwarf killed this three wolves that scared us to death?
Boyo: Oh yea.
Clinton: (to Voski) I'm Clinton.
Boyo: I'm Boyo.
Voski: Nice names, it's good to meet you guys.


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