Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 6)

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<< The Seventeen Dwarfs >>

Clinton and Boyo looked at the dwarf Voski and wondered how a dwarf
could kill the wolves that scared them to death, he must have trained
really bad.

Voski: Hey, why are you two looking at me that way?
Clinton: Oh, sorry. We were just wondering....
Boyo: (demonstrating) yea wondering...
Voski: Wondering? What are you two wondering about?
Clinton: How can just one dwarf shoot down those wolves.
Boyo: Yes and also the wolves were killed by many arrows, the
possibility of all the arrows coming from you alone is zero.
Voski: Oh, yea. You are very smart, I only can't shoot those arrows at
the same time.
Clinton: So what happened?
Voski: Uhm, I'm not alone actually. My people are also hiding over
there (he points to the direction he came from).
Clinton: So an army of dwarfs are right there.
Voski: No, not an army. It's just the seventeen of us.
Clinton: Well, an army could be any number. Whether two, three, ten,
twenty, hundred and one thousand. Any number could be called an army,
all that matters is the strenght!
Boyo: Sure.
Voski: Yea, let me call them.

Voski whitsled and and the rest of the dwarfs came out with different weapons.

Clinton: Oh wow,
Boyo: Yea, they look tough.
Clinton: Yea, not bad.
Voski: Together the seventeen of us can't be defeated by any army.
Clinton: Hahaha, any army?
Voski: Yes, sure (shows his muscle)
Clinton: This is what we call strenght (shows his muscle)
Voski: Hmm, not bad.
Boyo: I won't bother showing you people mine, Clinton knows how great
and strong I am.
Clinton: Yea comrade.
Voski: Let me introduce you two to my two commanders, (points to them)
this is Boski and Doski.
Clinton: Nice names the three of you got, ski ski. Ski names.
Voski: Yea we are the strongest among us all, we have past many
mountains, rivers, seas together. We have fought in the wild, with
many bandits and assasins and yet we survived it all. That show how
strong we dwarfs are, we are the best when it comes to anything.
Clinton: Hahaha, but not better than my kind.
Voski: We just saved your ass, so we are stronger. I win!
Clinton: No, you guys were many but we are just two.
Voski: It doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is that I saved your ass.
Clinton: Okay, you win!
Voski: Great! So what brought you guys here, you both look dirty and famished.
Clinton: Good, give us food first before we talk. And before I forget
there are still other wolves around.
Voski: Don't worry about them, we already killed them before you two came.
Clinton & Boyo: What?
Voski: Yea, come over here and eat.
Clinton and Boyo went over to eat.


Witch Bola: Oh my... Who are those dwarfs that killed my wolves. I
thought we killed them all.
Witch Ngozi: Perhaps this ones survived just the way we survived.
Witch Bola: Aaah Aaah! And the boys escaped, I wanted to suck their blood.
Witch Haruna: Relax, the boys will be back.
Witch Bola: How possible?
Witch Haruna: They vowed to avenge their friend, we will lay an ambush
fo them. We will skin them alive and suck their blood.
Witch Bola: And what if they don't come back?
Witch Haruna: Then we will wait for the spell to wear off and then we
will strike!
Witch Bola: Good one Haruna, you are begining to make useful
contributions. I might consider making you my second in command.
Witch Haruna: Aaah! I'm very grateful my Queen. I'm always at your service.
Witch Ngozi: What about me?
Witch Bola: Well I think I will set a competition for all of you.
Anyone who wins will be my second-in-command.
Witch Haruna: What kind of competition could that be? I hope it will be a hunt.
Witch Bola: No, the first person that will bring the wizard Emeka
after the spell have wore off.
Witch Haruna: Oh yea, it have been a long since we saw that old man.
Witch Bola: And as for their friend (she points at Apha) we will
revive him very soon. He will be a useful spy to us. The doom of
mankind is again approaching. Get ready sisters for we shall be free
in two months time, I can see it in the sky, victory will always be


Clinton and Boyo had finished eating and narrated to Voski everything
that had happened.
Voski: So your friend is still there.
Boyo: (in tears) He is dead.
Voski: Sorry, but how sure are you that he is dead?
Clinton: We are pretty sure, he was stabbed in the heart and blood gushed out.
Voski: Hmm, sorry for asking. You see the witches can be so tricky
sometimes, you never know what's real.
Clinton: Okay thanks for your concern. Anyway where are the rest of
the dwarfs living? You people just can't be seventeen right?
Voski: Hmm (remains silent)
Clinton: Hey, what's it?
Voski: It's a long story.....


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