Comedy: MMM Wahala

Clinton dun come back again ojere.

Clinton was playing ludo with his friend Livingstone and they had a discussion.

Livingstone: Guy you know wetin my fiancee just do?
Clinton: Tell me ojere
Livingstone: She used her bride price money I kept in the safe box to
put in MMM.
Clinton: Chineke! My chest o. So what did you do to her?
Livingstone: My guy na love o, I just pardoned her since the money
will grow with 30% increase within a month.
Clinton: If the thing crash nko?
Livingstone: God forbid! It will never happen, 700k is not a little money o.
Clinton: E concern you o, go collect your money back o.
Livingstone: Na love jhor.

Few minutes later Clinton received a call from his girlfriend Happiness.

Clinton: Baby how far?
Happiness: I'm fine darling, I want to tell you something.
Clinton: My sweetheart go on.
Happiness: Uhh, I used the 50k you told me to keep for your school
clearance. I used it to participate in MMM.
Clinton: Ahh! My chest!
Happiness: Darling is anything the matter?
Clinton: No my love, we will talk later.
Happiness: Okay, I love you.
Clinton: I love you too.

Immediately the call ended Clinton fell down from the chair he was.

Livingstone: Guy what's the matter?
Clinton: My babe dun kill me.
Livingstone: Wetin she do?
Clinton: She use my 50k for clearance put for MMM.
Livingstone: Ahh!

As Livingstone was consoling Clinton an Hausa man came in and started
complaining of how his nyariya used his money to register in MMM.
The three of them went to the parlour to watch news. Immediately
breaking news started.

News Broadcaster: Breaking News!! The president of the federal
republic of Nigeria Muhamadu Buhari has placed the 2017 budget money
in MMM just as the platform crashed today.

Clinton, Livingstone & Hausa Man: Ahh! My chest!

The three of them fainted.

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