Hang Out With Someone Today: You Could Be Saving A Life

Oh yes, you read it right. Hang out with someone today and you could
be saving a life.
A friend of yours could be lonely and you don't know, loneliness is a
public health issue. People who are lonely suffer from depression
which you know is also a public health problem. And both could lead to
death as in increasing the mortality rate of individuals.
Lonely people are isolated, not in the social world, they get
depressed and certain bad thoughts come up in their minds. They feel
like they are not being loved, they feel like no one needs them and
they get this suicidal thoughts.
But you going to hang out with them will cheer them up, it will
lighten their faces. It will put a smile on their faces and they will
wish you stay forever. They will forget most of their bad thoughts,
and when you leave them atleast they would be thinking about the
precious moments you people shared together.
Really loneliness which causes depression increases mortality rate,
help a friend!

A friend of the late Stephen Keshi the former coach of the Super
Eagles of Nigeria (may his soul rest in peace), said there was a
certain time he called the late Stephen Keshi briefly before his
death. He said the late coach kept on thanking him for calling,
indicating that he was probably lonely as a result of the death of his
wife. Loneliness and depression could have possibly played a part in
his sudden death.
Yesterday someone I knew through someone came near my father's house,
he was clearing the grasses at a nearby compound while I was busy
fetching water. The guy got a bit lonely and he told me to come over
when I'm done fetching the water so that he would see who he can speak
with. We interacted till he was done and he went back home happy.
Oh yes, too much story telling? Well I love stories.

I have said it before that loneliness is a public health problem and
could be said to be reponsible for some early death(s), an article
said "Loneliness Kills You Literally".
Do you want to save a friend? Especially the ones with over strict
parents that you would hardly see them interacting with anyone, trust
me brothers and sisters just go and hang out with them and you are
going to put a smile on their faces. A healthy mind is good for a
heathy body, while a lonely mind will lead to an unhealthy body.
Go and help that friend, your time starts now!!!

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