Must Read!! Where Are The Nigerian Youths Now?

Oh yes, just today I sat down thinking about the situation in our dear
country Nigeria and one question crossed my mind. Where are the
Nigerian youths now? Where are they now at this point that the nation
is being threathned by political, ethnic, religious and tribal forces.
The youths they say are the leaders of tommorow, where are they now?
For us to make it tommorow we must start today!
Old and corrupt minds are running the affairs of this country, they
call themselves the elite, political leaders, godfathers, infact they
give themselves all kinds of names. They are sinking this country and
the youths are so lazy, they have no morale or motivation as of now to
do anything. Like they say that the youths are the leaders of
tommorow, I want to ask this question now. If this country sinks, who
will the youths lead tommorow? No one!
The youths of this country have been shortchanged, oppressed,
belittled by the so called higher authorities but they stay dumb. We
are at a point in our nation's history where we the youths are mostly
needed. If we don't do anything we are going to sink together.
I know that many youths have also been corrupted by their godfathers,
poor orientation, poverty and the desire to get something by any
means. But we still have good youths, proudly Nigerian youths that can
defend the nation but I certainly don't know where they are at this
time. They might have been suppressed by the higher powers, higher
powers? Ofcourse, you know the country we are. Every sector have been
hijacked, even the presidency have been said to have been hijacked. We
the youths are the only ones that can make the country strong again.
Without the youth, those corrupt leaders would have no power to do
anything. So youths have been bought over by politicians, godfathers
and the rest. It now lies on us to change their orientation and show
them the right path to make a better and prosperous Nigeria that we
can gladly call our own.
Where are the Nigerian youths now? Wherever you are, stand up now and
fight for the glory of our father land. Say no to forces that seek to
divide us, let be united and rise up to make Nigeria a better place.
Peace be unto you all.

Share this message so that it can get to many Nigerian youths.

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