Nigerians: Don't Wait For God To Build Our Country

This is going to be brief!

Many countries know that God will not build their country so they
built their country, we haven't realised this in Nigeria. All we keep
doing is praying and saying that God's time is the best, can I knock
your head?

The time we all decide to stand up and build our country Nigeria is
the best time.

If anything mysterious happen 98% of Nigerians will say God knows
best, but their counterparts in other countries will ask questions and
make findings.

Babatunde Fashola last week said that we cannot pray out ourselves
from this recession, he said all we needed was work. Many youths
bashed in online forums and blogs, this youths have been so blinded .
Only few got his message, someone even said that the yoruba lightning
God will strike Fashola with 100,000 volts of electricity. The youth
said this in response of Fashola statement that Sango cannot even
distribute 1KW of electricity.

We all need to wake up in Nigeria, we have to think out of the box.
Since 1960 people have been praying for Nigeria to be a better country
but it's going worse, it's simply because we are waiting for God to
build our country.

Imagine a Phd holder in the country blaming an old innocent woman in
his village for his failure, that's nonsense!

Like I said this will be very brief, Nigerians let us not wait for God
to build our country.
God will never build our country, only we can!

Let's stand up and build the country of our dreams, not just for this
generation but for the ones to come.

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