Nigerians: Lessons To Learn From The Current Economic Recession In Nigeria

Oh yea, it is no longer news that we are in an economic recession in
our dear country. Many shops, businesses and services have been shut
down due to the bad economic state we are. Many have lost their lives
due to hunger caused by the recession and others have lost their job
and means of livelihood. It is not funny, it is sad.
Yesterday someone tweeted that in 1984 his father lost his job because
of the recession then, and also he was about to suffer the same fate.
He then asked if president Buhari was created to punish his family.
Nigerians are hoping for the government to do something fast or
else... Nigerians are also trying their best to survive in this
current trend.
This economic recession will forever leave some lessons in the lives
of various Nigerians. I will talk about some of them below...

1.) Saving For The Rainy Days Ahead:
Nigerians are known for their lavish lifestyle, we like to spend,
spend and spend. We call it enjoying life. I'm not saying that you
shouldn't enjoy yourself, but do that with wisdom.
Some people before this recession never cared to save, they kept on
spending thinking things would be the same. Yes we started
experiencing this recession gradually from 2015, no one noticed it
till it hammered us very hard this year. Many were shocked! How could
this have happened? They asked. Many people regretted not saving for
the unforseen rainy days and some are starting from scratch.
Lavish parties are no longer as it used to be, low patronage in
businesses and people are looking for alternatives.
Trust me almost every Nigerian will be strict with what they do with
their money during and after this recession, and also savings will

2.) Nigerians Will Stop Making Myopic Decisions:
What's a myopic decision? It is a shortsighted decision. A type of
decison you make without looking at uncertain things that would happen
or any emergency situation that would happen. This type of decision
will only have it's effect lasting for a very short time.
We are fond of making this type of decision and in case of emergencies
like this recession we hope that we never had been myopic in our
decision making.
Insurance is good, having insurance is not myopic and it will save you
in emergency situations.
Right now Nigerians are struggling to survive the recession, trust me
when we get out of this most of us will never make myopic decisions,
we will always be at alert. Many people will go for insurance cover
and most of us will be making decisions that will help in emergency

3.) Nigerians Will Appreciate Things The More:
Have you noticed that that man or woman who finds it difficult to say
thank you is now saying thank you in any little help you render them?
Yes, it is happening. People have started appreciating things more
than they do before. Today if your N500 is missing it will look like
you just lost N100,000.
When you get something you don't think that you would get next time
wouldn't you appreciate the giver?
Dash someone N500 in this recession and you would see how that person
will bless you and your next generation.

4.) Nigerians Will Be More Security Conscious:
At this time in this recession Nigerians would take all necessary
measures to make sure that none of their belongings get missing. It
have reached to the extent that Nigerians are locking their pots of
soup with key and paddock.
Even an Imam or a Pastor will turn to Mayweather when they catch you
trying to steal what belongs to them. Never try to play a fast one on
a Nigerian during this recession.

5.) Nigerians Will Learn To Vote In Good Leaders:
The current group of people that are looking over the affairs of this
country are not doing well, and they can't be referred to as Leaders.
They have made the country to be owned by the elite and not the
ordinary citizens that voted them in. A quote said, All the money in
the world can make them rich but it can never make them the leaders.
Our so called leaders are not putting better policies in place to take
us of out of this recession, rather they are only concerned in gaining
more powers at the detriment of the masses.
All you hear is political brouhaha, imagine a government trying to
stabilise FOREX with the use of force by the security agencies. Things
don't work that way.
Unless this trend is changed and we start recovering from this
recession, the ordinary Nigerians in the street might have no option
than to stone their representatives at the higher level.
We all hope for good leaders.

These and many more are lessons that millions of Nigerians will learn
because of this recession. The situation is really bad here, only a
tiny percentage of the population are not affected which include
mostly the elite.

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