POEM: Soldiers

When the sounds of war echo
The men in uniform rise up
With determination and strenght
Without fear of the unknown
They take their weapons in defence
In defence of their territory
In defence of their people
The men in uniform are always at alert

They fight to protect us
When we sleep they are awake
When we party they are guiding us
When we need help they are ready to render their services

They protect us with their lives
We the people are their number one priority
They die for our sake
They sacrifice their today for our tomorrow

They are the real heroes
Day and night they only think of keeping us safe
Far from family and friends
Far from their villages
They make everywhere their home
The safety and integrity of the nation lies in their hands

Let's support the soldiers
They are the real heroes
They fight for us to live
Victory is theirs!

I really like soldiers, victory is theirs. And may the souls of the
gallant ones who paid the ultimate price rest in peace.

© COPYRIGHT!! This Poem Shouldn't Be Lifted Without My Permission.
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