Short Story: My One Hour Sexcapade With A Reverend Sister

Yesterday was very stressful at work, I was returning back in the hot
sun and my car developed a fault . Some boys helped me to push it to a
mechanic workshop, I went to a nearby bar there and requested for
chilled Schwepps which I gulped all. I waited for about 30 minutes for
the mechanic to be done, he was through by 14:03.
When I had just driven for 5 minutes I saw a fair and beautiful
reverend sister standing by the road side under the scorching sun, I
drove near her and asked her to hop in. She relunctantly entered the
front seat. I asked for her destination, the place she told was was
far from my place but I had no choice since I offered to help her.
I drove and we reached my house I wanted to go in and drop something I
bought, and my hand mistakenly touched her laps. She shaked a little
and said Matthew 7:7, as a sharp guy I quickly googled it while
pretending to be sending a text.
The verse read "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will
find; knock and the door will be opened to you. This time I
intentional touched her again to see if she would repeat it, when I
did she repeated it.
We looked at each other eyes and I asked if she meant it, she stood up
a little inside the car and showed me her white pant that was already
soaked with vagina fluid.
O boy, my d.ick immediately rose up and I drove immediately into my
house. I held her by her ass as went went inside.
We started kissing when we got to the livingroom as if our life
depended on it, she was a good kisser but not as good as me.
She knelt down and unzipped my trouser and boxer, she held my d.ick
and shaked it. She brought it to her mouth and kissed the head of my
d.ick, she sucked it at close intervals. She then swallowed the
joystick whole and mouth fvcked me.
I was like wow, I'm fvcking a reverend sister. I'm eating the food
meant for the gods today I said. She sucked my balls, I thought she
must have been a very bad girl before she became a reverend sister.
I laid her down on the couch and carried her dress up, the only thing
between me and her kittycat was her pant which was already soaked in
vagina fluid.
I brought down her pant and started fingering her, she was moaning Oh
lord, save me oh lord. I increased my speed and her moans became
louder. I spiced the game up by tongue fvcking her and she responsed
with a loud ahh.
She undressed. I squeezed her breasts and worked on her nipples with
my tongue, she was super cool.
It was time for my dick to do the work so I sat on the couch and she
climbed me, I inserted my dick inside her pu$$y and she gasped. We
were facing each other on the woman on top style, she was fvcking me
very hard. This will end with a holy orgasm I said.
We had to changed position after some minutes and we switched to
missionary, I was firing down and again Oh lord, save me lord, oh
holy..rented in the livingroom. I wouldn't lie, her pu$$y was the best
I ever fvcked, I nearly poured inside her but I quickly stood up and
squeezed the head of my d.ick.
Fvck my ass, please fvck my ass she begged me. She bent down in the
doggy style while I inserted my dick in her asshole, she gasped louder
this time.
I fvcked her asshole very hard and fast, she was crying in pleasure
like a day old baby. I was about to cum inside her so I brought my
d.ick out and sprayed the cum on her face, and she licked them all.
We both fell at the couch very weak, it took a while before we both
walked to the bathroom and cleaned up.
I drove her home and she requested for a piece of paper where she
wrote her phone number.
I drove back home very happy, I just had a holy s.ex!

© COPYRIGHT!! This Story Should Not Be Lifted Without My Permission.
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