Stop Being A CopyCat: Do Things Your Own Way And Build A Legacy

Good morning readers, it's another weekend and I hope you all will have fun.
Have you always been a copycat? Not unique? Always waiting for others
to build something, so that you can use it? You need to change.

You need to build a legacy that will live forever, remember the goal
of life is not to live forever but to build something that will.
Doing things the way others do may not actually work for you, we are
all different individuals and we are all unique. So our ways should be

You have heard about great men and women who have built legacy that
are still alive today even in their death. Being a copycat may make
you look clueless, you won't have anything owned by you, no legacy to
build. Infact you are empty, because you have no idea of your own.

There is no way you can be filled when you have nothing and no idea to
contribute in your place of work, people will look at you and say to
their friends, "That man/woman is just empty with no idea". The
particular field you are a copycat at will make no sense to you, you
will find yourself unfulfilled. Something will be missing in you, you
may think that it's something else. The truth is that you are just

Let take the copycat bloggers for example, they go ahead in copying
other people's articles without giving them credit. And they call
themselves bloggers, they are just cyber criminals, thieves who knows
nothing about what it worths to be called a blogger. Let say someone
visits a copycat blogger site and think that the copycat wrote those
articles, the person can look for the copycat's contact so the copycat
can write an article for him.
The copycat blogger will not know where to start from because he/she
always depended on others, the copycat will end up exposing
himself/herself and deep inside his/her mind he/she will know that
they are just empty.

Same thing happens when it comes to exams, if you are a copycat that
keeps depending on your friend your nemesis will surely catch up with
you. Maybe that day the lecturer/teacher will space you people very
far and you will end up exposing yourself. Even if your nemesis don't
catch up with you in school, how will you feel when your younger ones
ask you a question in your field. And you end up giving them excuse,
deep down inside you know you are just empty!

Same thing applies in legacy, let say your Dad had a lot of
achievements and he left a great legacy behind for you to follow.
Every time people sees you they will say your Dad was a great man,
your Dad legacy changed our lives for good. For twenty years after
your father's death people just keep telling you that you father was
great, and they haven't told you once that your are trying. You will
end up realising that you were just riding on the legacy and
achievements of your late Dad, and in your realisation you will know
deep down that you didn't contribute anything. You haven't built

You also have to do things your way, what favours Mr. A might not
favour Mr. B. For you to be unique you got to do it your own way, and
when you make it good you will be fulfilled deep inside you.

I hope you all got my points, when you are a copycat you are never
your own boss. You will be dependent on someone always.
To be your own boss you have to stop being a copycat and start doing
things your own way, and when you succeed you will be fulfilled. Many
people will see you as the boss , and they will all be trying to get
in touch with you so that they will know your secret.
And also build a good legacy that people will look up to and follow.

To be a boss do things your own way, don't be a copcat and build a good legacy!

Remember the goal in life is not to live forever but to build
something that would.

Thanks for reading, your comments, questions and suggestions are
highly welcomed.

Enjoy your weekend!

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