[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 2, Episode 10)

If you haven't read the episode 9 of this story please read it here

Emeka woke up at the middle of the night, he had to go to the town
junction to meet the other boys. He opened his room and Jumbo shouted
and asked who it was.
Emeka: It is I uncle.
Jumbo: Why are you opening your door at this time of the night?
Emeka: I just woke up, sleep have left me. I missed the times I
received fresh air in the middle of the night at the village.
Jumbo: Oh, I see. Well you can go but be brief and come back early,
you got something to do this night.
Emeka: What's that uncle?
Jumbo: You will write a letter to your Dad telling him how happy you
are to stay with me, and also that you have started learning the trade
which I promised.
Emeka: No problem sir.
Jumbo: Okay, go and receive that fresh air and be quick to get back here.
Emeka: Thank you sir.

Emeka went out of the house and he saw some of Jumbo's boys outside,
one of them gave him money to buy ciggarette sticks for him. Yes, this
was Emeka's chance to run away. He walked normally until he got to a
place where he knew the boys won't be able to hear his footsteps. He
ran with all the strength left in him, it was a race for freedom, a
race for survival, to break the bondage which he had been kept.

He got to the junction and saw that the boys were already there, they
had been waiting for him.
Joseph: Thank God you are here, we almost left.
Emeka: Thank you very much, I was a bit delayed. You know this is my
first time of coming out in the dead of the night here, so I was also
a little bit afraid.
Joseph: No problem, better late than never right?
Emeka: Thanks.
The boys moved to the place where the truck they would enter was
parked. The driver was about to move when the boys sneaked in and
entered where there used to be sand. They were happy at last, all were
shining there white and brown tooth. The truck was heading to Mafe in
cameroun, Emeka would have liked to go back to the village but he
didn't know his way back. So he decided to go where at least he would
have freedom. The boys chatted and told their own stories of how they
were captured and they all fell asleep.
Back at Jumbo's house he had waited for Emeka to return, he lost his
patience and ordered that his boys should look for him. Just at that
moment he received a call from Yusuf telling him that all the boys had
Jumbo: Chimo o!


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