[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 2, Episode 11)

If you haven't read the episode 10 of this season, please read it here
The boys got to Mafe in Cameroon in the afternon, they all got down
and agreed to split to their individual ways, some in twos. Only Emeka
was left, he wandered at the street of Mafe. Night came and he was so
tired, he hadn't had anything since morning. By that time of the night
he was at probably a remote part of the town. He fell down at a
doorstep and fainted.
When he opened his eyes he saw a man looking at him, he was dark and
muscular. Emeka tried to stand up but his strenght failed him.
Man: Relax a little.
Emeka: Please sir where am I?
Man: In my house, my name is Francis and I saw when you fainted at my door step.
Emeka: Thank you sir.
Francis: No problem.

Francis helped Emeka to stand and Emeka sat at a chair while Francis
brought food for him to eat. It was rice and stew with pork meat,
Emeka ate and fell asleep.
He woke up the next day, he looked through the window of the room
where he stayed. He saw a vast area of land filled with rice planted,
he concluded that Mr. Francis must be a rice farmer.
He stepped out of the house, he saw Mr. Francis getting ready to go to
the town. He waved Emeka to come and they both strolled down to the
town. They bought foodstuffs and other things, Emeka was recovering
and he immediately liked the envinronment.
When they returned to the house Emeka saw some boys at the farm and he
asked Francis who they were, Francis told him that they were his
apprentices working on the farm.
When everything was done and they both had their breakfast Mr. Francis
asked Emeka to tell him his story, Emeka told him everything and he
had pity for him.
Mr. Francis asked Emeka if he could work in the rice farm for five
years and after he his done, he would pay him a huge amount of money
to start his business. Emeka agreed and he started working at the farm
the next day. Emeka was loved by Mr. Francis because he was honest and
hardworking. They were so close that the other boys became jealous of

Meanwhile three months passed and Emeka's father didn't hear from him,
he took policemen to look for Jumbo. When they caught him he couldn't
explain where Emeka was and so they sued him to court and he was
sentenced to 40 years imprisonment.
At this time Okoro had gone for police training while Akin was
preparing for JAMB.

Watch out for the final episode!

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