[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 2, Episode 12) The End!!

If you haven't read the episode 11 of this story, please read it here
Three years later after Emeka started working for Mr. Francis
something bad happened in a night, Mr. Francis was murdered!
Every finger pointed to Emeka because he was very close to Mr. Francis
and only the both of them lived in that house.
After that accusation, things became more bad for Emeka as many lies
were being said against him by his fellow workers. Mr. Francis's wife
and children rushed down to Mafe as they had not been staying with Mr.
Francis because she stayed with her in-laws, and Mr. Francis used to
visit them once in a while and take care of their well being. Her name
was Maria.
Immediately Maria got to Mafe she arrested Emeka and he was sent to
jail, later she sued him to court for murder. Emeka was tried on the
first day on the other allegations made by his fellow workers, but the
Judge dismissed the cases as they lacked evidence.
The night before Emeka was going to be tried for murder he cried a
lot, he had no one to turn to. Is this where THE JOURNEY OF LIFE ends
for me? He asked.
A young investigator in his early twenties came over to his cell, he
asked Emeka to tell him about the story of his life, his parents and
Investigator: Are you really Emeka from Ohali?
Emeka: (recognizing the voice and getting suprised at the same time) Yes I am.
Investigator: Wow, I am Okoro your friend.
Emeka: The heavens must be good today, at least I will see you before I die.
Okoro: No, don't say that, tell me everything you know about the incident.

Emeka narrated how he woke up and waited for his boss to wake up, when
he didn't came out for 3hours. He barged into the room and saw his
boss with knife cuts all over his body lying lifelessly on the floor,
he raised the alarm and the other workers started pointing fingers at
Okoro promised to stand for him at the court the next day.

The next day reached and when all witness testified against Emeka,
Okoro asked for evidence showing that it was Emeka that murdered Mr.
Francis. The witnesses admitted that there was no standing evidence
they could provide, Okoro vouched for Emeka and told his story to the
entire court. Since the witnesses admitted that there were no evidence
the judge dismissed the case and set Emeka free.
A team of policemen were assigned to investigate the murder.
Emeka thanked Okoro very much and they both set out on a suprise visit
to Emeka's family.


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