Story: Erigga Season 1, Episode 10 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
It is written mainly in pidgin english.
If you haven't read the episode 9, please read it here

The next day was a day that was going to change the life of Erigga
forever, he sighed.
He and four others were taken to the court the next day, their cases
were presented to them and they all pleaded guilty because the
evidence was there against them.
Juliet, Terry and Martha were there at the court, they all shed tears
when the judge slammed Erigga four years behind bars. He looked backed
and saw them crying and he shooked his head as he and the others were
led to the police van waiting for them. Papilo and Pascal weren't in
the court that day, the lawyers hired by lecturer Linus had already
defended them. Sh*t do happen, said Erigga as the van door was closed
and they speeded off to the police station.
Juliet, Terry and Martha went to the police station to talk with him,
they were all still moody and down.
Erigga: Make una no worry eh.
Juliet: (sobbing) Baby you know I can't do without you.
Erigga: Don't worry, just go and live a normal life. Terry my nigga
take care of her, Martha you too. Make una no worry.
Terry: My man, I go miss you die. I can't believe this, so you go dey
here for four years eh. Those your two guys na bloody traitors them
be, after all the trust you have on them. This thing na rubbish.
Erigga: Easy, easy. No worry, make una go take care of una selves. In
four years time we go see. Make una no come this station again, u
Juliet was in tears and Martha was busy consoling her.
Terry: Okay my man, but I dey pity Juliet, how she go do? Chai!
Erigga: Make sure sey she get another man eh, I no sure sey I go come
out as the same person wey I be. Change is constant, Pascal and Papilo
don make me understand sey trust na illusion. No shaking guy.
Terry: Yea my nigga.
A police officer came out and told them that their time had expired
and Erigga was accompanied back to his cell while Juliet, Terry and
Martha left the station.
Sh*t do happen!


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