Story: Erigga Season 1, Episode 11 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
It is written mainly in pidgin english.
Please if you haven't read episode 10, read it here
Erigga made new friends in the cell, they asked him what brought him
to the station and he explained.
Erigga: Na long story sha, but mai cut am. Me and two people wey I see
as my guys plan finish to steal one car, we steal the car na. We even
sell am and share the money, but I no know whether na because of babe
matter naim them take set me up.
Chris: Wetin them come do them now?
Erigga: You know the rest story na, them kuku convince the lecturer
sey them no join.
Chris: Na betrayal o, betrayal!
Bobo: Sha make you join us flex for here, na your new home till four
years. No shake we dey with you here.
Erigga: Hmm, sh*t do happen. I no believe sey I go dey here.
Chris: Cheer up nigga, I don dey hear for 3years, e remain 4years mai
serve finish.
Two warders came and served watery beans to them.
Warder 1: Make una eat quick jhoor mai come take plate, I get where I wan go.
Chris: Why una dey wicked like this? For the past five days now, na
this nonsense una just dey serve us.
Warder 2: If you like eat. If you no like stay.
Bobo: God dey watch una o.
Warder 1: Mtcheew.
The two warders walked out.
Chris: (to Erigga) These people wicked! Their wickedness no be here.
Erigga: Mahn, this thing just dey like sh*t. Chai.
Bobo: Thunder wey go fire them still dey collect power from the devil.
Chris: Make we just manage am.

They finished eating and were in the middle of a discussion when an
officer interrupted them.
Officer: Hey hey, you people should stop making a noise.
Chris: Our voice dey worry una?
Officer: (to Chris) You always try to challenge us, remember you still
have some years with us here.
Chris: I no send una jare.
Bobo: (to Chris) Calm down bros.
Officer: Well, well, some of you will be used in doing labour at a
building site. A man contacted us and we have the manpower here and
you people are going to do it.
Chris: How much una go pay us for workmanship.
Officer: (to Chris) You are in the cell and at the same time looking
for workmanship payment?
Chris: Why not? Na yeye foods those warders them dey serve us here.
Officer: Okay, we will give you people a little change and improve your feeding.
Bobo: You try jhoor.
Officer: You people will start from tommorow.
The officer left.
Chris: Mahn, atleast we go see sunlight and exercise our body.
Bobo: Yes o.
Erigga: I hope sey them go select me sha.
Chris: Tomorrow naim we go know.


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