Story: Erigga Season 1, Episode 12 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
It is written mainly in pidgin english.
Please if you haven't read episode 11, read it here
Morning came and the prisoners did their morning devotion, they
cleaned up and they were served their breakfast and this time it was
Chris: (to Erigga) ehen, you see? If to sey I no hala those warders
them for still bring that rubbish make we eat.
Erigga: You sure sey na you make them change food? I be goodluck eh,
everywhere I go things dey change for good.
Chris: Hehehe, make you change your name to Goodluck na. But seriously
o na because I hala them.
Bobo: hahaha, who you be to make them change food. I dey suspect sey
na officer Titus sha.
Erigga: Maybe sha.
Chris: Eh? So una no believe my weight eh. Bobo you don forget sey na
me be the commander of this barrack?
Bobo: Chisos so na cell you dey call your barrack. You no well my guy.
They finished eating and officer Titus came with some mobile policemen
and he brought out a sheet of paper and called out 30 male prisoners.
Erigga, Chris and Bobo were among the prisoners called.
Officer Titus: Well boys go outside and enter the two buses waiting
for you people, you are heading to a building site. Don't try to be
funny by trying to run away, the place is heavily guarded by mobile
policemen. I hope I just made myself clear.
All: Yes sir!
Chris: But sir I have one question.
Officer Titus: Okay go ahead.
Chris: Are we going to be served food during break time at the work?
Officer Titus: Ahh! What's this between you and food? Hmm? Well
actually you people will be given beans and fried plaintain every
break-time during your two weeks of work.
All the prisoners called out smiled and they all went inside the two buses.
Chris: I tell you people sey I be chairman na, I no prove am?
Bobo: Sitdown there, which chairman? Na you dey buy the beans? Abi na
the plaintain you wan buy?
They reached the building site, it was fenced round and it was very
large inside. The boys all stepped down from their buses, they were
happy because they were going to be receiving fresh air and sunlight.
It was like a little freedom to the them.
Officer Titus: Alright boys go over there and meet the instructors to
take your tools, and like I said. Don't try anything funny!
The boys went over and they were given there tools to use and work.
They worked till 1pm and they had their break with the food promised.
Erigga: Guys that female instructor wey give me my tool dey look me somehow.
Chris: You no well, remember sey you still dey cell o.
Bobo: Haha, help me tell am jhoor.
Erigga: I mean am sha. Mai go piss, make una no touch my food o.


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