Story: Erigga Season 1, Episode 13 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
It is written mainly in pidgin english.
Please if you haven't read the episode 12 of this story, read it here
Erigga went to urinate and when he was done and was coming back he
heard a soft moan in one of the uncompleted buildings in the site, he
went toward to direction of the sound. He tiptoed and saw that it was
the female instructor, she was using a cucumber to service her pu$$y.
Erigga relaxed and talked to himself, "This one fit be my opportunity
to take some shots o, as I dey prison so chances like this go hard to
get, let me give it a try."
He went near the female instructor who didn't notice that he was there
because she was concentrated on fvcking her kittycat with the long and
fat cucumber, Erigga had to clear his throat to get her attention.
How mouth was wide open in suprise, please don't tell anybody what you
saw and I will reduce your workload she told Erigga.
Erigga: I'm not worried about the workload ma'am, I just came to ask
if I could join you. You can see (pointing to his dick), I already
have a hardon.
Female Instructor: Hmm, really? Well my name is Jennifer, I would
prefer a real dick to a cucumber.
Jennifer was a beautiful dark girl in her early thirties, she got her
assets loaded both front and back.
She went near to Erigga and took down his trouser and boxer to reveal
his long and big hungry anaconda dick, I will suck you hard she said.
She held Erigga's dick and knelt down, she moved the dick forward and
backward while Erigga was romancing her. She swallowed the whole dick
and Erigga fucked her till she coughed, she proceeded to suck his
After a while Erigga told her to climb a table there and bend down,
Erigga thrusted his fingers at her kittycat and fingered her till she
started moaning loudly. Erigga covered her mouth so that her moans
won't draw people's attention. There was no soft place for someone to
relax in the uncompleted building so Jennifer leaned at the wall and
when Erigga thrusted his dick in her pu$$y she gasped. He fucked her
fastly so he could meet up with the break time, Jennifer moaned very
loud but she used one of her hands to cover her mouth.
After few minutes she made a loud moan and released some fluids,
moments later Erigga brought out his dick and she knelt down while he
poured his semen on her face. She licked them and laughed.
They rested for a while and cleaned up.
Jennifer: You won't be seeing me after today.
Erigga: Why?
Jennifer: I am going to other work sites.
Erigga: Hmm.
Jennifer: We got to go now, it's almost time for the break to be over.
They both went back but with different routes.
Chris: Na wetin hold you na, abi your thing na drum?
Erigga: I go gist una when we go back.


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