Story: Erigga Season 1, Episode 14 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
It is written mainly in pidgin english.
If you haven't read the episode 13 of this story, then read it here
The prisoners finished the work of the day and they headed back to the
cell. Those that didn't made it in the list were hailing the others,
una don receive fresh sunlight abi eh? Una chop well there? Many
questions were being asked.
Chris: Make una calm down eh, me na chairmo for this prison. Ask
Erigga and Bobo, if una respect me eh. I fit convince that officer sey
make them start to dey serve us chicken.
Prisoner 1: Na which weed you take?
Chris: Your papa! Ask Erigga, Bobo and the others how them take
respect me for that side. No misbehave o, me no dey lie.
Erigga: Na true sha, strong man.
Chris: Ehen, here you come. No mind those mumu wey dey there. Infact
as the chairmo I make you my second in command.
Bobo: Make una dey there dey deceive una self.
Chris: No just make me vex.
They argued for a long time and they were served their evening meal,
after the meal Chris reminded Erigga about what he said he was going
to tell them.

Erigga: I take some shots o.
Chris: With who?
Erigga: That female instructor na, I see her when I go piss. She dey
use cucumber dey fvck herself naim I join her. Sha them don transfer
her from that site.
Bobo: Bros you for call us.
Chris: Man, you correct.

Just of a sudden there was a loud noise in the station, there was
fire! The warders opened the cells for the prisoners not to be burnt.
Erigga: (to Bobo and Chris) Make una follow me make we run.
The station was in disorder, both the prisoners and the policemen ran
for their lives. The prisoners made use of this opportunity to run
Bobo and Chris followed Erigga and they ran to an uncompleted building.
Erigga: See guys I go call my friend make e meet us so that we go take
small money run enter another state. We go sneak enter my house take
phone call am.
Bobo: You carry the number for head?
Erigga: Yes.
Bobo: (pointing to a phone left behind) make we use that phone sharp
sharp before the owner come.
Erigga: Correct guy.
Erigga took the phone and dialed Terry's number.
Erigga: Hello.
Terry: Who's this?
Erigga: Na Erigga.
Terry: (surprised) How come?
Erigga: No worry, abeg you dey town? Help me bring 5k with you, I dey
PassMan uncompleted building.
Terry: Okay, I will be there right now.

Terry arrived and Erigga introduced him to Bobo and Chris, Erigga
told him all that happened. When he asked Terry about Juliet he said
that her uncle had taken her to Ghana and she would go and further her
education in London.
Her uncle had made her change her contact details and so it was hard
to get her. Erigga thanked Terry and Terry gave him 7k instead of the
5k. Erigga, Bobo and Chris were headed to Rivers state, Erigga told
Terry that he will always get in touch with him.
And they left!

The season 1 ends here, I hope you enjoyed the entire season. Your
comments and suggestions/contributions are welcomed.

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