Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 1 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
This season will be written more on pure english to suit international readers.
Erigga, Bobo and Chris reached Rivers state around 3am, the trio were
so happy as they were now very far away from the prison.

Bobo: Kai I just dey happy o, person no go spend more years inside
that hell fire wey them dey call cell.
Chris: You see? That's why I told you to believe me as the chairman.
If not for me would you have been out now?
Bobo: You are an idiot, are you the one that planned our escape?
Erigga is better than you o.
Chris: You are sick, I gave him the morale and he use it very well and
not like you that is always afraid to try something.
Bobo: Abeg! Don't try me o. You know what brought me to that cell abi,
if not for soldiers I wouldn't have been in that cell with you.
Chris: Oh, you are forming superman now bah, oya come and fly. Yeye
boy you that don't even have strenght.
Bobo: I have told you o, don't get me angry.
Erigga: Easy guys, we have to draft a plan as we are all new here. In
order to survive we got to be sharp, we don't have any home here, no
friend, nothing nothing. So we got to be sharp and smart.
Chris: Okay, so do you have any plan?
Bobo: (to Chris) Bros I thought you said you are the chairman, so you
didn't have any plan since we came down from that car? Chairman ke,
chairman ni.
Chris: Erigga warn this guy, let him stop challenging me or else...
Erigga: Relax guys, well I have a plan. I think we should sleep in one
of those stores in the market till day break, during the day we will
go and look for where they will need labour. Like that we can be
making little money that we will save and rent an apartment, and at
the same time we will get to know the area boys too.
Bobo: Bros you are too much, I like your ways. So let's go and find a
better store sleep, but I want you people to promise me something.
Chris & Erigga: What's that?
Bobo: You people should never mention that we were prisoners and we
escaped, that might put us in trouble. Let's allow that case to die
down, I believe that the list they wrote our names have been burnt in
the fire including the one for that building work.
Chris: Good one, you are making sense for the very first time.
Erigga: Hmm, you are right. We got to keep our lips sealed concerning
that issue, but what excuse are we going to give to people for being
Bobo: Let's simply tell them that we are brothers, our house catched
fire and our village chief died the same day. So the villagers accused
us of withcraft and they chased us away.
Chris: Good, what if they asked us what village is that?
Bobo: We will just say it's Igbu somewhere in the creeks of Bayelsa.
Erigga: Good one, I like it.

The trio were near a market so they went and sleep in the front of a store.


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