Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 2 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
This season will be written more on pure english to suit international readers.
If you haven't read the episode 1 of this season please read it here
Erigga, Bobo and Chris woke up because of the early morning market
noise, the traders were already arriving. The time was 06:07 am, the
trio left the store they slept so that the owner wouldn't catch them
there. Terry had given Erigga 7k and they used 2k for transport,
Erigga gave 1k each to Chris and Bobo while he took 1k too. The
remaining two thousand naira would be used to buy food and okirika
They went to a nearby store and bought close up tooth paste and tooth
brush, they later bought bread and satchet water after they brushed
their tooth.
Erigga: Oya guys, let's go and see if we can see any place that they
need labour.
Bobo: Let's buy clothes first na, look at the clothes we wear. It's no clean.
Erigga: No dull o, have you seen someone doing labour with a clean cloth?
Chris: Don't mind him, he knows nothing but keeps making a noise.
Bobo: Chris stay your own jhoor, what do you even know eh?
Erigga: Guy easy na, why all this quarrels between the two of you? We
have to be united and strong before we can make it here. Remember we
are strangers here.
Bobo: No problem, I will stop. But also tell him to take heed of your
advice too.
Chris: Na quarrel? Erigga why are you behaving like you are our boss.
Guy we are equal o, if not for that prison do you know where I would
have been?
Bobo: Chris shoo, he is just giving us advice. Look at him and you
will know that he is a real hustler, infact you can call him our boss
since he has more experience than the both of us.
Erigga: No worry, I won't talk much again.
Bobo: No, talk because we need your advice to survive. You made our
escape plan a success and brought us here without us paying you one
kobo, you are too much jhoor.
Erigga: Hmm, thank you. We should be avoiding the police for a while.
Oya let's go and look for work.
The trio strolled and and saw a truck loaded with Dangote cement
driving along a street, they followed the truck and it led them to a
building site almost the same with the one they worked while in the
They noticed that other boys who were also interested in the job to
lift the cements followed behind them, the trio rushed fast and
started lifting the cements before someone else would take their
place. After they were done the person in charge paid them N700 each.
They also met the person in charge of the contract there, they begged
him to allow them to work. After persistent begging the man allowed
them to join in the construction work, they were to start within
A car drove in and Erigga looked inside and saw someone who knew him!

Guess who that was.


© COPYRIGHT!! This Story Shouldn't Be Lifted Without My Permission.
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