Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 4 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 3 of this story, please read it here
After Erigga, Bobo and Chris closed for work Erigga checked the
address Jennifer gave him and he memorised it. The three of them
begged some of their fellow workers so they can squat for at least a
few days, Bobo and Chris got lucky because they found a place. Erigga
didn't care at that time because he would probably be sleeping at
Jennifer's house.
He went to the public toilet and had his bath, before then he had
already bought clothes in a nearby market.
He brushed up and first decided to know where the two others stayed,
Chris didn't give him a receptive welcome but when Bobo saw him he was
all smile.

Bobo: Guy how far? Have you found a place to stay?
Erigga: No, not yet.
Bobo: So where will you sleep tonight?
Erigga: I'm going to Jennifer's house, I think I will sleep there.
Bobo: Okay, shine your eye bros.
Erigga: No shaking, you know me na.
Bobo: No wahala.

Erigga left and checked the address he was given again and he walked
in search of the estate.
He reached the place, he knocked at the gate and the security official
there responded.
S.O: Hello sir, how can I help you?
Erigga: I'm looking for a lady, her name is Jennifer. She is an
instructor in a nearby building site.
S.O: Okay, I know her. What's your name?
Erigga: Erigga, tell her that it's the guy she gave her address to
today at the building site.
S.O: Okay, wait for me.

Few minutes later the security official came back with Juliet, when
she saw Erigga she hugged him very tight. Erigga felt her very much as
she was just wearing a sports short which was light and chelsea
jersey. They exchanged greetings and she led Erigga to her apartment,
the rooms were big and anything one would need in a house was actually
in the apartment.
She asked Erigga what she should offer him and he said anything, she
brought Eba and Edi kia nkor soup. On seeing the well made Edi kia
nkor soup Erigga asked if she was from calabar and she responded with
a yes. Erigga finished the whole food quickly and told her that she
was a good cook, she smiled.

After Erigga was done they engaged in a conservation, Erigga told her
how they got to Rivers state. She enquired about the others and Erigga
told her that they have found a place to squat.
Erigga told her what made him to be in prison and she felt sorry for him.

Jennifer: So where's the Juliet now?
Erigga: Her uncle have probably taken her abroad to school.
Jennifer: Okay, I have a request to make.
Erigga: Alright, I'm listening.
Jennifer: Can you be servicing my pu$$y at night when I need it? I
will give you money so that you and your friends can rent a house
Erigga: Hmm, that's no problem.
Jennifer: That's my baby.

She kissed Erigga and he kissed her back, they did it like their lives
depended on it. Erigga pulled her dress and her boobs were just
standing in front of him, he sucked them and Jennifer made a loud
moan. He removed the sport short she was wearing and started tongue
fvcking her pu$$y. Jennifer was lost in her moaning, she had orgasm
and it poured on Erigga's face.
She knelt down and pulled down Erigga's short, she got to work with his d.ick.
She licked it like it was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted in
her life, Erigga was carresing her back and moaning in a low tone.

Fvck my pu$$y she told Erigga and he carried her to the bedroom and
laid her at he bed, he thrusted his d.ick inside her pu$$y and fvcked
her with passion. The atmosphere was filled with the pleasure they
were both having, and also Jennifer's moans. She almost cried and she
said don't stop, bring it on.
He fired down for some minutes and he brought his d.ick out when he
felf like he was going to release. He went back to work on her pu$$y.
He fingered it for a minute and Jennifer told him that he could
release inside, she said she could take care of it.
They did the woman on top style and Jennifer rocked hard on Erigga's
d.ick, Jennifer had another orgasm and Erigga released inside her.

They were both exhausted, they kissed each other and headed to the
bathroom. They ended up having a round of s.ex there. They came out of
the bathroom and fell on the bed very tired, they were weak so they
slept off.


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