Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 5 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 4 of this story, please read it here


The next morning Erigga and Jennifer drove into the building site with
her KIA, when Erigga stepped out of the car every one was suprised. He
thanked her and went over to the place he was meant to work and his
friends were like, Oboi how far? You are lucky o, big boy. He waved
them away by saying that she met him on his way, he sighted Bobo and
Chris and he went over to them.

Bobo: Bros how far na?
Erigga: I'm fine jare.
Bobo: How did it go?
Erigga: Very fine, I will brief you guys later when we close today.
Chris: Why should we wait till then? Tell us now or forget it.
Bobo: Chris what's your problem? Oya force words out of his mouth.
Chris: Bobo be careful before I kill you o.
Bobo: Kill who? So you are threatening my life eh.
Chris: You don't know how many people I have killed, I have killed
many during cult clashes. You are just a little rat for me, so be
Erigga: Guy easy na, he's your nigga na.
Chris: (to Erigga) Shut up! I say shut up! Two of you should stay away
from me, I don't want to see the two of you anymore.

Erigga and Bobo left him and went back to their work, the workers
there began to hate Chris except the person he squatted with.

Work closed that day at 4pm, Erigga and Bobo walked together.

Erigga: What did you think is wrong with Chris?
Bobo: Nigga eh, I suspect he have joined another cult group o.
Erigga: Just in one night?
Bobo: You can never tell, the person he stayed with was smoking weed
with a group of boys.
Erigga: Okay, we just have to be careful around him.
Bobo: Yes. So how far for the girl na?
Erigga: Very fine my brother, we took some shots before we got tired.
Bobo: You dey enjoy sha, that girl is very fresh.
Erigga: Hehe, she feel me na.
Bobo: You strong sha.
Erigga: She gave me money so that we can rent an apartment and buy
some few things.
Bobo: Very good, very very good. You are good. So let's go and start searching.

The two of them went for the search, they suceeded around 6pm, they
bought a few thing at the night market.
In the compound they got there was a bore hole and luckilly for them
the town had steady power supply.

Bobo: Mahn, it's good to feel at home again.
Erigga: Yes my brother, we will do it little by little. When we get a
good amount of money we wil start our business.
Bobo: Trust me, I will be richer than Dangote.
Erigga: So shall it be.
Bobo: Thank you.

They were still talking when a lady walked into the compound, Bobo
knowing that she was a tenant excused her. They talked for a while and
Erigga was there watching them.
Bobo came back with a smile on his face, he had won the battle.

Erigga: Guy, I didn't remember to call Terry o.
Bobo: Let's look for a call centre.

As they went Bobo bought a condom and Erigga asked who it was for, and
he told him it was for the girl. Erigga hailed him, Bobo was probably
a master in the game.

They found a call centre and Erigga told Terry the latest about his
well being and whereabout, Terry also told him that he and Martha
haven't heard from Juliet. They talked for a long time. Erigga was
done and he walked down to their new house with Bobo.


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