Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 6 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 5 of this story, please read it here


Erigga returned back home with Bobo, since Bobo would be seeing the
new girl tonight Erigga decided to stroll around the town a little.

Erigga: Oboi I wan stroll small.
Bobo: No shaking my real nigga, mai go see that girl.
Erigga: You na sharp guy, no go finish her this night o.
Bobo: Trust me na.

Erigga walked around the town and came along a bar where there was a
party going on, he put his hand inside his pocket and found out that
he had N3,000 with him. He went inside the bar and ordered for a
bottle of Gulder.
The waiter brought it to him and he paid, he sat down watched the
almost naked girls dancing. The girls were dancing shamelessly, the
men dancing with them were spanking them and at the same time spraying
them with money. Some even kept the money in the girl's pants and bra,
some of the men there removed the pants and fingered the girls. Some
took the girls inside the bar to have sex with them.

Erigga's mind flashed back home, he wondered how his parents would be
feeling. His Dad already disowned him when he was arrested for the car
He would go and beg them when he is finally free, he mind flashed back
to Pascal and Papilo, where could they be now? And also Juliet, was
she also thinking about him? He was now a university dropout and an
ex-convict, his whole life changed just in seconds. He scratched his
head and said such is life.

As he was watching the nude girls dancing his d.ick gained attention,
he wanted to have sex then but he had no condom. He called one of the
waiters and asked where he could get one, fortunately for him they do
sell it in the bar.

He bought it and waved a light skin nude lady to come over, he asked
her to fvck the gulder bottle and him that he would pay. In the
present of everyone the girl removed her pant and inserted the gulder
bottle, she fvcked herself with the gulder bottle like it was a real
d.ick. She kept on moaning as Erigga and the others cheered her,
Erigga went ahead to fvck her with the bottle.
The other girls started using bottles to fvck their ass and pu$$y, the
crowd cheered them on.
Erigga carried the light skin girl inside the bar and had a quickie
with her, the girl's pu$$y was still tight and Erigga fvcked as her
moans rang all over. Erigga collected her number in a sheet of paper
and paid her.

After he had had enough fun Erigga made to go back home, he walked
past a viewing centre and he saw a group of boys that gathered near
there smoking weed. As he was about to walk past them a voice which he
recognized called him by his name.

Erigga: Who's that?
Chris: Na me Chris.
Erigga: Oh Chris.
Chris: Shut up! No even Chris me. I just want to warn you, you and
Bobo shouldn't cross my path or else me and my brothers will deal with
you. We are the axe men.
Erigga: Okay, no problem.
Chris: Now run!

Erigga ran till he reached the house, he opened the room but didn't
see Bobo inside. He was at the new girl's room, he locked the door and
since he was very tired he fell on the bed and slept off.

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