Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 7 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 6 of this story, please read it here

When Erigga woke up Bobo haven't came back yet, he went to the girl's
room and knocked at the door. The girl opened and Erigga told her to
wake Bobo up, it was almost time for work. Bobo relunctantly woke up,
he staggered as he reached the door and bade the girl bye for the

Erigga: You forget sey today na work?
Bobo: Oboi, you no fit understand o. That girl too much.
Erigga: Eh? See as you dun weak finish.
Bobo: Na three condoms I use na, the girl na nurse so she give me more
after I release.
Erigga: You dey lucky ojere.
Bobo: So how the strolling go yesterday?
Erigga: Go ready for work first.

Bobo went in and finished within 30 minutes, the new girl whose name
was Ngozi bade them good bye as she went to the hospital. Erigga eyes
glued at her buttocks.

Erigga: Bobo, see wetin you chop last night.
Bobo: That girl is too much, we do all the whole styles.
Erigga: Hmm, lucky you. Since we are already running out of time I
will tell you later about my experience last night. But I must tell
you one now.
Bobo: Oya na.
Erigga: Chris is very dangerous now, he have joined the axe men. He
stopped me yesterday and warned the two of us not to dare him.
Bobo: Hmm, we suppose dey careful be that.
Erigga: Yes, sure.

Erigga and Bobo got to work but didn't find Chris there, they kept
working till it was break time and Jennifer called Erigga over to
another side of the building...

Jennifer: I have something to tell you.
Erigga: Okay, what's it?
Jennifer: My fiance will be coming back from the states tomorow night,
I want you to come over this evening so that we can have the last fvck
because I will soon get married.
Erigga: (in his mind) Which kind bad market be this. Okay sure I will
be there tonight.

Erigga went over and called Bobo.

Erigga: Guy see the latest development o.
Bobo: Wetin happen?
Erigga: That Jennifer go soon marry, she say mai come for final round today.
Bobo: Hmm, no shaking bros maybe she go find you small thing na.
Erigga: I hope so my guy, tonight go tight.
Bobo: I trust you jare.

Immediately work closed Erigga made for the estate, he didn't tell
Bobo about his experience at the bar.
When he got to Jennifer's apartment the door was open, he locked it
and went to the parlour. He saw Jennifer naked with her legs wide
open, the sight of her wet pvssy made Erigga's d.ick to be at

Jennifer: I need you inside of me.
Erigga: I'm at your service ma'am.

Erigga licked her pvssy and her whole body began to vibrate, suck me
more she kept saying. He inserted two of his right fingers inside her
pvssy, he fingered it fast and Jennifer's moan echoed in the living
They laid on a 69 positon, Erigga was ass licking her while she was
sucking his d.ick at the other end. Erigga licked her clitoris on the
69 position and she poured on him.
He spanked her ass in the doggy position and inserted his d.ick inside
her ass, she gasped and screamed as Erigga pounded her ass, it was
too much pleasure for both her and Erigga. She told Erigga to carry
her to the bedroom after 10minutes.
When Erigga took her there he saw ropes, Jennifer told him to tied her
hands and legs to the protectors at the wall and fvck her pvssy.
Erigga tied her hands and legs, and her legs were wide open, he
thrusted in and fvck her pvssy. He fvcked her as she moaned and
screamed louded till Erigga reached climax and released inside her
pvssy, they both looked at each other and kissed.

Jennifer: I will really miss you d.ick.
Erigga: I will also miss your pvssy.
Jennifer: Tomorrow I will pack from here to my fiance place at Delta,
I will give you my number so that you can call me when you have a
Erigga: Okay baby.
Jennifer: And also I have a package for you tommorow.

They both hugged each other and slept off.


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