Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 8 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 7 of this season, please read it here


Jennifer woke Erigga up around 5am, she handed him an envelope and
told him go now so that a relative won't meet him. She gave him a
goodbye kiss, they both were uncertain about when next they would
meet. Since Erigga got her digits maybe they could be talking on
phone, but not so often because she will soon get married. She
wouldn't need anything that will make her husband to be suspicious,
neither did she want a failed marriage. But deep inside her she wished
she could be with Erigga, but it's not possible now. Her family and
her fiance family have done everything, the only thing that remained
was the marriage proper.

She had met her fiance during her job search, he gave her the job she
needed and they developed feelings for one another after a fling. If
she have the chance then she would cheat with Erigga, but she got to
be more extra careful since she was now going to be married.
She had paid the security official at the gate to keep Erigga's visits
secret, she didn't know how she got feelings for Erigga.

Erigga was just like any ordinary street guy, she just couldn't
believe herself. She wished she could call it quit but it's already
too late, deep in her heart she wanted Erigga. She did cried when
Erigga left the estate that morning, it is going to be a very long
time before she would see Erigga again. She wish that Erigga will not
misplace the sheet of paper she wrote her number, so if she can't just
see him then alternatively she would still hear his voice. It was
fate, she got to live with it.

As for Erigga though he was street, he wished he stayed with Jennifer
for a longer time. The way she looks into his eyes usually melts him,
it was as if he had found real love but sh*t did happened. Erigga! As
he walked home that morning he made sure the piece of paper Jennifer
gave him was still intact, hmm that was almost close. He wanted to
tell Jennifer that he loved her, but when she broke the news about her
fiance the plan failed!

He lost Juliet and now Jennifer, they were both angels in his life.
He had to deal with it! It was fate!

Could things take a different turn now? Who knows!

Erigga boarded a bike and reached home, he held the envelop Jennifer
gave him dearly as if it was his life.
He used his own pair of the apartment keys to open the door, he went
in and didn't find Bobo inside as expected. It was 05:30am now, if he
sleeps now then he would wake up late and won't make it to work. He
went to brush and had his bath, he cooked instant noodles with eggs.

After eating he went to a nearby bar and bought two bottles of gulder,
as he was gulping his drink Jennifer's car drove past. She didn't see
him but he did. Na so this girls them just dey pass me, he said to
He haven't opened the envelop yet, that would have to wait till he
comes back from work.
He smiled!


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