The Comparison Between A Dead Man And A Stupid Man

A dead man and a stupid man! The picture above gives you an idea of
what they both have in common.
When a man dies he becomes unconscious, he is not aware of what is
happening in it's environment. He don't even know if it had existed,
infact he knows and feels nothing. It is just like any other
non-living thing just like your cloth, your watch and your biro. His
loved ones will cry and cry, his death will be so painful to them
because they are alive and only those that are conscious have
feelings. His loved ones and others he had helped will bear the pains.
How does this relate to a stupid man?
A stupid man lacks understanding, he is someone who is not making use
of his common sense. When you don't make use of your common sense you
act and looks stupid. Infact, you are.
When a stupid man is doing what is stupid it doesn't look stupid to
him because he is stupid. Hope you got that?
It is only those that are near him and his love ones that will know
that he is stupid.
What he has with a dead man is that they both have no consciousness on
their part. A dead man lacks the consciousness to know that he is
dead, the same way a stupid man lacks the consciousness to know that
what he is doing is stupid.
A difference is that the stupid man can be changed and be made normal
while a dead man can never regain consciousness.
A mad man also fits in this category, he doesn't know that he is mad,
only the normal people knows that he is mad.
Hope you got that?
Both a dead man and a stpid man lacks their respective consciousness
and the pains are not being felt by them but by their love ones.
I hope you got that clear.

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