These Are The Reasons Why Most Students Fail English Woefully

Few months after the beginning of 2017, many students will go to take
the UTME conducted by JAMB. Some will pass and others wouldn't, and
even those that would make the national cut off mark or above, many of
them will have their lowest score in the Use Of English.
I have written three UTME and my lowest score have always been in
english, this is what happened to me and other aspirants though we
passed the examination. But why English?
There are many factors that causes the failure, it is not peculiar to
JAMB alone. The same trend happens in the WASSCE where you hear the
board (WAEC) which conducts the examination announcing that there have
been mass failure in English language. Other examination bodies are
complaining too.
Infact if you look at this trend it have be there for years. Who is to
be blamed? The students, their parents, the teachers, the government
or the examination boards. No matter who you blame the first culprit
will always be the students. Yes now scroll down and see the reasons
why students fail English woefully in UTME, WASSCE and other exams.

1.) Lazy Attitude Of Students Towards The Subject:
Hehehe, who among you here finds the English class to be boring and
you always wish for the period to be over so that your english teacher
will go? Many of you reading this article are guilty of this.
You will find students dozing off during the english period, some will
pretend to be listening while they are really thinking about the soup
their mothers cooked at home. This set of people who have lazy
attitude towards english won't open their notebooks/textbooks to read,
it is only when exam is almost at the door that you will see them with
their english notes/texts.
Do you expect to pass a subject that you hardly pay attention to?
Especially when it is English Language? Hell no!

2.) Underestimation Of The Subject:
How you heard someone asked this question "who english help?" Majority
of those who asked this question belongs to the #WhoEnglishEpp gang.
They really underestimate the subject really bad, they will be like is
english our mother's tongue?
They are mostly like the type of peeps which exhibits the number one
reason stated above, they also hardly read their english note. But
some read for reading sake. You will see some of them laugh at someone
always speaking the correct english.
I belonged to this #WhoEnglishEpp gang, and I am still trying to
recover and be good in grammar. Not that I didn't use to read my
english, the only part I belonged was that I never saw english to be a
big deal. Of which I was wrong because english is very complex and
English is not just how you see it that's why those who seriously
underestimate this subject fail woefully.

3.) Not Following The Latest Trend In English:
English is always changing, what is correct today might be wrong
tommorow. Examiners know this, they also know that many students are
lazy. These type of students would never make research, they think
English is like their local dialect which never changes. Of course
even if you read your textbooks which are outdated your score won't be
what you had expected. So for you to pass you have to stay updated
with the latest trends in English.

Enough of blaming the students right? Let's deal with the teachers and
the government.

4.) Bad Teachers:
Man! Some teachers exhibits all that is above. And what will you
expect of the students who have a bad teacher. Ofcourse a bad teacher
will make a bad student.
Many teachers are just lazy and dull, they don't research and they
pour rubbish to their students. Some of these teachers are teaching
their students archaic english that are no longer correct in this
century and when the students they claimed to have taught very well
fail woefully they will say such students are lazy.
A bad english teacher usually makes their students bad in English.

5.) Bad Government:
Education should be the top priority of any government, a government
which sidelines education is suffering the people. Education is the
key no doubt, a good government should put good education policies in
place and also try their best to weed out bad teachers. A good
government should distribute good educational and english handouts.
When the government is bad then the whole system will colapse.

6.) Bad Parents:
The last blame goes to the bad parents, some parents never give their
children chance to read. They would have them engaged in other
activities that wouldn't help their academic success. Some of these
parents doesn't care whether their kids are doing well or not. For a
student to survive in academics with this type of parents, he must be
very strong.

And here we come to the end of this topic, if you got any contribution
or suggestions to make then use the comment box below.
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