We Should Be Honest To OurSelves About The Universe And A Creator

I think it's time we become honest to ourselves about the universe and
a creator. I have ruled out the religious God(s) because they are
myths and they can't be the creator/God.
If the universe must have a creator, shouldn't the creator have a
creator? This was the question I asked myself. To be honest, the
answer is that WE DON'T KNOW.
I am active at the religious section of Nairaland and I will give you
the best reponses I got when I asked if the universe could exist
without a creator.

The thing about humans is that we tend to excogitate ideas about our
world, through our perception of it. And this is also what's at the
root of religious beliefs. We tend to ascribe agency to our
environment. We think, that since this is how it is in our world, then
this must have been how it happened.
Humans evolved consciousness to the level of understanding our
environment and aiding our survival. I don't think we have evolved the
cognitive capacity to understand something outside of our environment.
I don't think we possess the understanding and level of consciousness
to comprehend whatever it was that engineered the creation of our
universe and the other million universes that exist. It's simply
beyond our scope of reasoning and understanding. Maybe in a million
years to come we would, but given our level of consciousness and
scientific knowledge, we possibly can't in our generation.
That's why I laugh when I see people make claims about the creator of
the universe and attribute humanly traits to it, like father and son,
and even claim that he demands their worship, speaks to them, answers
their prayers, watches them when they are alone, stalks their everyday
movements and activities, loves them unconditionally, punishes them
when they break moral principles that were obviously humanly
constructed, wants a personal relationship with them, and would punish
those who don't believe in him in hell for all eternity. Not only does
this represent a severe case of delusion and intellectual vacuousness,
it also represents how self conceited humans are.
I think questions like this indicate a huge gap in our knowledge and
understanding about our world, especially given the fact that we are
anthropomorphic species that love to seek patterns in our environment.
But the truth is that we simply don't have answers to this question of
whether the universe has a creator or not, and what the nature of the
creator is. However, a serious problem arises when we decide to fill
up these holes in our knowledge with delusions and concoctions, or
religious beliefs, like we all commonly refer to them as.
Doesn't it baffle anyone that the most subscribed knowledge we have
about the origin of our world and it's supposed creator was presented
by desert dwelling folks who lived 4000 years ago? Doesn't anyone find
this unsettling? I mean, even if anyone was to propose a widely
accepted and well subscribed explanation of the true nature of our
world and it's creator, even if it's strewn with lies, at least let it
be people from the 20th century and beyond. At least these people
would be less ignorant and more morally sound.


We can't know yet if we were created or not
The second law of thermodynamics even disproves a fine tuned universe
Entropy in a closed system would increase over time
The universe is a closed system
Therefore it is more disordered than it was when it was young. The
temperature is approaching absolute zero
I don't claim to know about a creator but that doesn't sound "designed"


Sometimes, I just consider it greed when I see a Christian trying to
make a personal relationship with a god (the said Creator) or probably
the filthy invention of a personal god.
That alone makes me to ascertain a difference between a god and an
intelligent designer.
Sane personalities across the globe are only arguing and skeptical
about the existence of an intelligent designer and not necessarily a
If an intelligent designer exist then it is definitely not your god
because the god of any religion ain't meet the standard of an
intelligent designer.
We've tested the rational state of your imaginary god and have come to
realize that he ain't qualified.

I received many more great reponses,
Read a great one too written by TAURUS25 here

Join us as we discuss on the topic here
on Nairaland.

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