We Should Not Be Afraid To Make Sacrifices

Many people wish for many things, they keep working trying to get
those this. But most time they don't get them because they are afraid
of making a sacrifice, dumping something to get it. Some of them don't
realise the mistakes that they are making, if you really want
something bad you got to make a sacrifice.
If what you want is better than what you have now, then you have to
sacrifice that thing to get what you want.

History tells us about many people who had made sacrifices to achieve
their goals, the likes of Lord Buddha, Mother Theresa, Jesus Christ of
Nazareth and many more others.

Buddha was a prince and heir to the throne in a kingdom in India, he
wanted to help people to have inner peace. To understand how the
universe work, for us to understand that we are part of the universe.
He wanted this and also to end the suffering of people, but for him to
achieve this he had to make a sacrifice. And ofcourse he did make a
Buddha sacrificed the comfort of his palace, most of the good things
in life and security.
Today millions of people are happy all over the world today because of
him (Buddha), his teachings made them find peace within themselves and
their environment.

And also according to the Bible Jesus Christ of Nazareth sacrificed
his life on the cross so that mankind will have salvation. Today
billions of people are happy because of him, his divine teaching was

Mother Theresa sacrificed also many things just to help people and
make them happy, and also to create a good meaning in their lives.

At the above three people, why did they make the sacrifice?
They had a purpose! Very good purposes! These purposes have and is
helping mankind over the years.

Did you get what I'm trying to say? You only make a sacrifice when you
have a good purpose!

Yes you need to have a purpose, without a purpose you can't make a
sacrifice. Also without a sacrifice you cannot achieve your purpose!

So have you been trying to do or get something all this while and yet
you are not getting it? Look very well, you need to sacrifice
something to get it.

Lastly, don't be afraid to make a sacrifice because only with a
sacrifice that you can achieve your purpose.
I sacrificed many things last year so that I can have time to read and
pass my JAMB, many people in the past have sacrificed even their lives
to make their country a better place.

So my friends if you have a purpose then you got to make sacrifices to
achieve them, you got to sacrifice what is preventing you from
achieving your goals in life.

And that's it! Have a wonderful day.

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