5 Benefits Of Writing Your Own Blog Posts

Every blogger struggles and try to make sure their blogs are updated,
the most struggle have to do with entertainment and news bloggers.
They have to make sure that they are the first to break a news, so
they somehow work harder than others (I stand to be corrected).

Let's go to the main theme of this write-up, the minute other real
bloggers settle down to write articles is the same time the chief copy
and paste bloggers look for updated blogs to copy from.

Copying from another blog without giving credit is a cybercrime, so be warned!

So I will list few benefits of writing your own blog posts.

1.) You Get Credits From Other Blogs:
When other blog owners find your posts interesting they will like to
feed it to their readers, and the good and big bloggers will give
credit to you and this will in turn generate traffic for you.

2.) Your Blog Gains Popularity:
When other bloggers keep giving you credits, your traffic increases.
When you write interesting unique posts many people will want to visit
your blog, they will be like, Oh I haven't visited Clintonwrites.com
today, let me go and buy data. Your popularity will increase and you
might be among the top bloggers in a short time.

3.) You Feel Great!: When you write your own blog articles, you will
feel great. You will laugh off other people who depend mostly on other
blogs to grow (this happens especially in the entertainment/news

4.) You Are Your Own Boss:
When you wake up from sleep and you open your phone/laptop and start
writting on your blog, you know you are a boss. Not depending on any
blog to grow and blogging your own way makes you a boss in the

5.) It Improves Other Parts Of Your Life:
What you do in one part of your life affects the other side, when you
are a boss in the blogosphere and you blog your own way and things
work out well you can as well practise it in other areas of your life.
It influences you to do things your own way in life, this will make
you a boss in life.

Shoutsout to the real bloggers!

Thanks for reading!

© COPYRIGHT!! This Article Shouldn't Be Lifted Without My Permission.
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