7 Things That Make Upcoming Bloggers Feel Happy

Good morning fans, it's another wonderful day.
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Let's get to the topic, everyday many blogs are created. Out of all
the blogs created only few will stand the test of time, only those
with passion and will power will succeed.

There have been a surge of upcoming bloggers lately, the passionate
ones and those who came for money only.

Why is it that in google adsense they say turn your passion to profit?
It is because what you love doing will make you grow, if you are
passionate about blogging then you can make profit.

Now to the main topic, upcoming bloggers are new in the blogosphere
and below are the 7 things that makes them happy.

1.) When The Big Boss(es) Approves Their Blog:
Upcoming bloggers are very happy when the boss(es) in the blogosphere
approves their blog, they can brag to their fellow upcoming bloggers
about it.

2.) When Their Traffic Grows:
Every upcoming blogger always check their statistics/pageviews
everyday on their dashboard with the hope it starts increasing, when
they check and see that it have started improving they will sing and
dance in their mind.

3.) When Comments Flow Like A River:
I can't help to tell how upcoming bloggers feel when this happens,
trust me you will hear them singing " I'm on top of the world " .
Ofcourse they will feel on top of the world and you will see them
smiling whenever they check their dashboard.

4.) When They Have Their First Payout:
There is a reward for every hardwork, and blogging isn't an easy task.
This is the time upcoming bloggers proves to their friends that they
weren't wasting their time online, upcoming bloggers feel good when
this happens. It also serves as a morale to them.

5.) When A Top Online Platform Recommend Their Articles:
Let me say you are an upcoming blogger and you woke up today and read
the news that Vanguardngr recommended your articles, won't you jump
up? Ofcourse you will, that recommendation means alot to you. More
traffic, more comments and more cash!

6.) When Advertisers Look For Them:
An upcoming blogger will have an immense joy deep inside of him when
advertisers looks for him, it means that he is almost there and
heading to the top.

7.) When Their Blogs Finally Becomes Popular:
At this moment when their blogs becomes popular they will no longer be
called an upcoming bloggers, they are now a big fish in the game. They
are now boss(es) to upcoming bloggers, all they would need will be a
little more hardwork.

I stop at this point, if you have any contribution, use the comment box below.

Shouts out to the upcoming bloggers!

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