Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 7)

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<< Voski's Past >>

Voski scratched his head, he didn't really know how to start.
Remembering the past wasn't good for him, he shed tears and the other
dwarfs came over and started consoling him. Clinton and Boyo didn't
really get the scene, they were like what the hell is happening?
Clinton: Come on, what's wrong mahn?
Voski: (in tears) Like I told you, it's a long story.
Boyo: Okay then. If you don't feel good telling us then it's okay.
Voski: I just can't stand remembering the bad moments.
Boyo: Bad moments?
Voski: Yea, sure. I will tell you guys about it.

Voski started narrating.

Long time ago before the great war began, the great Abdulrasaq came
over to our kingdom and we signed a peace treaty with theirs. Then the
witches started planning on how to destroy mankind, when the great
Abdulrasaq heard of the plan he came over to our kingdom.

He wanted us to help him in fighting the witches, our leaders
disagreed. Abdulrasaq kept on coming back and then our leaders told
him to come back in a month time, our leaders held a meeting where
majority said they would help Abdulrasaq in case a war started.

When the witches heard about this, they had to work fast. They knew
our kingdom knows many of their secrets and how to kill them easily,
and so they had to launch a suprise attack.

I was with my wife and two kids outside in the night telling them
moonlight stories, and the worst happened. That night the whole
witches launched a suprise attack, they killed my wife and two kids.
Their arrows narrowly missed me, I ran for my survival. The witches
murdered almost all of us in their sleep, our leaders were all killed
that night.
It was the worst night ever in our kingdom, it was burned down. The
witches laughed as they watch our kingdom burn, many years of work

Only 200 of us survived that night, because of what happened we were
ready to die.
We joined forces with the great Abdulrasaq, we marched to the seven
kingdoms of the witches.

We had told Abdulrasaq and his men some of the witches secrets and how
to kill them easily.
We matched down to the seven dark kingdoms of witches, we and
Abdulrasaq forces killed the witches. Many of them! We the dwarfs did
it for our love ones so their souls would rest in peace, in the battle
some of us paid the ultimate price with joy.
We fought the witches for seven months, the last and most powerful of
them all ran to the island of Elu. It was a risk going there, but then
a wizard whose name was Emeka promised to help us. Together we all
defeated the witches, only twenty dwarfs remained after the war.
We had avenged our love one's, in the past twenty one years three of
our kind died after the war. Right now we have 7 males and 10 females,
we were all part of the war. We all fought , we are yet to plan having

This forest and those wolves seem to tell me that few witches are
still alive, and if they are still there we wouldn't mind going back
there and drive our swords deep inside their hearts. Their kind
must no longer be on this earth, but that will be later.

Clinton: I'm really sorry about your wife and two kids, they have
surely made heaven.
Voski: Yes, they have. I see the sign on the sky every night. They
keep smiling at me even in my dreams
Boyo: You people must be very strong.
Voski: Oh yea, so what took you people to that island?
Clinton: Adventure sir, we are swordmen too. It's really good seeing
interesting places.
Voski: That island is not an interesting place kid, it is for the
devils. Only those with dare devil hearts can come out of there alive,
just like you two.
Clinton: Oh yea. Thank you. We are wonderful swordmen, we will be back
to avenge our friend's death.
Voski: That's suicide for the both of you alone.
Clinton: We are stronger than we look.
Voski: Let me believe you.
Boyo: I think it's time we go home!
Voski: Be careful kids.
Clinton: Thanks sir! Off we go!


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