Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 8)

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<< The Great Wizard And Alimadu Are Worried >>

In Alimadu kingdom people were already getting worried about the boys,
their expected date of returned had gone far by a week. A search party
was sent but they didn't find any trace of the boys, the whole village
was sad because the three boys were great.
Their teenage swordmen were discussing about what could have possibly
gone wrong.
Temi was the girl who defeated Clinton once in a fight, Christopher
was their teacher. Timo was also one tough student, many more of the
swordmen of the same age sat down at the tree in the middle of their

Temi: What do you think happened to the three of them?
Timo: I don't know. They were really good you know, the search party
didn't find any trace of them and that is unsual.
Christopher: Exactly, the search party have always been sucessful in
their search but this is entirely different.
Temi: I wonder how their tracks just disappeared, did they say the
last place they saw their tracks?
Christopher: Oh yea! Near a forest! The forest is also or let me say
the last forest before you get to the island of Elu.
Timo: Oh damn! Island of Elu?
Christopher: Yes, that forest.
Temi: What's wrong with the forest huh?
Timo: It seems you missed that class, huh.
Temi: Come on, tell me about it.
Timo: Well the island of Elu is the island that the war between
mankind and the witches ended.
Temi: Oh, but all the witches were killed, right?
Timo: Yes, so they say but there could actually be the possibility of
few being alive.
Christopher: Nonsense! No witch survived the war. They were all burnt
down, the vultures fed on their bodies. No witch have also been
sighted since the war ended.
Temi: But sir there could still be a possibility of few witches to be
alive, no one can tell.
Christopher: No, I am your teacher. Didn't you all know that a good
wizard helped in the war?
Timo: Hmm, well one can't be so sure you. Let's just hope those kids
get back home.
Temi: You can't call them kids in their presence, can you?
Timo: Well since they are not here, there is no problem then.
Temi: I just wish they come back soon.
Timo: You are worried about Clinton right?
Temi: All of them.
Timo: You think I don't know that you love him?
Temi: Don't say what you don't know.
Timo: Aww, lover girl. I will break the news first to him hahaha. You
two were rivals before, but you fell in love with him. That's so cute
Temi, you two would probably make a nice couple.
Temi: Oh mahn just be quiet!
Timo: And if I don't?
Temi: I will be out of here in no time.
Timo: Like I care huh?
Temi: You idiot!

She walked away!

Though Temi and Clinton were both tough rivals at school, she had
always had a crush on him. She is still shy to tell him, she didn't
know how to say it. Imagine telling your hardcore rival that you love
him, that sort of a kind. Temi is just waiting for the perfect
opportunity to tell him, she had admired Clinton. She trained so hard
so that Clinton would notice her, but Clinton mind is on something
else. Clinton is still waiting for the day they will fight again so
that he would show her that he's not a coward.
Clinton had cried a lot the day Temi defeated him, from that day he
had made his training more serious that ever. Temi just wished Clinton
could come back soon.

(In Emeka The Wizard House)
Emeka the great wizard lives in a tree, he had made a house inside the
tree. He lived at the forest of death, the forest of death was were
the witches did many human sacrifices. After the war was over he went
to the forest and purified it, he decided to make it his home.
People still fear the forest though they knew that it had been
purified, and so wizard Emeka lived with only his talking monkey
friend in the forest. He only goes to town to buy foodstuffs.
He was looking at the 7 witches through the mirror in his room. He
talked to him.

" How I wish I killed this witches, we wouldn't have had to face this
trouble again. I just couldn't kill them because they were my wives,
now see what love have done to me. They will soon break free from the
spell and try to start another war. Oh Goodness! The boy Clinton, the
son of the great Abdulrasaq must realise that it is his destiny to
fight this new war. I have given him powers at birth, and it is almost
the time to make good use of them "


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