Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 9)

If you haven't read the episode eight of this story, please read it

<< A Visit From An Old Friend >>

The great wizard Emeka was still thinking about Clinton and the 7
witches when he entered the spirit realm, he saw the spirits of those
who died in the great war. The spirits were happy before because they
thought the war was as good as over, but when news got to them that
the seven strongest witches of the the seven dark kingdoms wer still
alive they became sad.

He apologised to them saying it was because of his love for the seven
witches that had prevented him from killing them, they asked him if it
was possible for humans to win the war again.
He told them that humans only hope was Clinton and also Clinton was
yet to know of his powers, unless Clinton gets to master his magical
powers in time then they can win.
The spirits told him to make sure that Clinton gets to know of his
powers so that the human world can be safe, he said it would be hard
but he would try his best.

He went over to the witches section of the spirit wood, they were all
wretched in their looks. They were rejoicing that they would soon be
resurrected by their seven sisters, but Emeka laughed at them and said
it would never happen.

Emeka came back from the spirit world and he had one fear about
training Clinton, his kingdom see magic powers as evil. And so Clinton
might not consent to the training. He looked up to the sky and sighed.

He remembered when he was still married to the seven witches, they
were good to him and the people and never did evil.
Until a night when he came back from town, he saw them practising dark magic.
He told them to stop that day and they reluntantly did, he noticed
they do it while he was away and so he confronted them about it. They
instead divorced him and became more powerful in dark magic, each
became the head in their kindgoms because the people feared them so
Then during the great war he didn't want evil to win and he joined
forces with the great Abdulrasaq and they defeated the seven dark
kingdoms. When the last of the battle reached its climax at the island
of Elu, love overcame him and he couldn't kill his ex wives but
instead cast a spell on them.
Now he is regretting that mistake he made, if there was anyway he will
kill them he will take the risk but now the hope of mankind rests on

As he was deep in his thoughts he heard a knock on his door and that
was quite unsual, he looked through the door and saw that it was an
old friend. Abdulrasaq!

He opened the door and they hugged each other, the great Abdulrasaq
was now in his early sixties.
Many had thought that he was dead because he is now living a very
quiet life, it was only his few trusted comrades and his wife knew
about his whereabout. Even at his old age he looked still energetic,
or battlewise he could still take down a hundred men without a scratch
on him. He had used his youthful days to train for that great day, he
was made the head of the army because of his exceptional skills.
Though he was injured very greatly during the last battle, the wound
was healed by Emeka.

They both sat down as Abdulrasaq told Emeka the reason why he came.

Emeka: My dear friend it has been a very long time.
Abdulrasaq: Yes, and I can see that you are doing good.
Emeka: Yes, you too.
Abdulrasaq: I came here because of the witches, I find it hard to
believe that few are still alive.
Emeka: Yes, it is a reality my friend. Another war might be coming soon.
Abdulrasaq: That's really bad, we will need someone like you.
Emeka: No, it all depends on your son.
Abdulrasaq: My son? How?
Emeka: I gave him all my powers at his birth.
Abdulrasaq: But he don't know about this and he may not be ready when
the time comes.
Emeka: I will try my best.
Abdulrasaq: Okay, I trust you.
Emeka: You can always count on me as far as I am alive.
Abdulrasaq: What does that mean?
Emeka: The witches will come for me first.
Abdulrasaq: Then you should go into hiding.
Emeka: No, don't worry about me.
Abdulrasaq: Okay, old friend I have to leave now.
Emeka: Safe journey.

Abdulrasaq went back to his quiet place and instructed his comrades to
bring Clinton to him when he comes back from his adventure.


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