Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 10)

If you haven't read the episode 9 of this season, please read it here



Clinton and Boyo didn't make it home as fast as they expected because
something happened after they left, they could no longer tell where
they came from. The road was now strange and their tracks have been
covered with rain and grasses covered the room which was bare when
they first passed there, it couldn't have been possible. Clinton
remembered somewhere he read about the mysteries of the island of Elu,
since their map went missing they had not choice than to follow any
road their mind led them.

Clinton: I think I remember something about the island of Elu.
Boyo: And what's that?
Clinton: Hmm, Boyo it's very strange.
Boyo: Just go ahead and tell me, since we came out of that island
nothing is strange to me anymore.
Clinton: You bet it?
Boyo: Yes, sure. Just go ahead.
Clinton: I think a day in that island is a week here.
Boyo: What the!! How did you come to the conclusion.
Clinton: Well, I was just thinking, I remember reading about the
island sometime ago. Can't you see everywhere is also like we were
here a week ago. The grasses on the bare land we passed have grown so
tall, just look around you and you will see the difference.
Boyo: Oh yea, you are so right. So what do we do now since we have no
map with us huh. We are damn lost!
Clinton: We have no choice than to go anywhere our mind directs us.
Atleast we will remember some of the places we passed while coming.
Boyo: Yes. I also wonder how everybody at home woul be feeling. We
overstayed our expected day of returning with a long time.
Clinton: Yes brother, they will be so worried. But don't you worry
because we would find our way home, it's just a matter of time.
Boyo: Yes I believe it. But I'm afraid that our receptive welcome
would be short lived.
Clinton: Why?
Boyo: Because of Apha, it's just so unfortunate.
Clinton: Yes, but he should have listened to us. Eating in a very
strange place with a strange feeling isn't a good idea.
Boyo: Yes, I wished he listened then we would have been returning home together.
Clinton: Let's just wish the villagers believe us.
Boyo: Yea, though it's just a fifty fifty chance. They don't believe
witches exists anymore, I'm not even sure that they will believe the
dwarfs story.
Clinton: Well we just have to face it, what has happened has happened.
No matter anything, the ideologies of Apha will be in our minds. And
one day we both will march to the island to have our vengeance.
Boyo: In as much as I want vengeance so quick, I think we should train
for like two years.
Clinton: Two years? Two weeks is okay, I am not afraid! I am ready to
die there for my friend.
Boyo: Well, it's easily said than done.
Clinton: We got the dwarfs right? They will tell us some of the
witches secrets, we got them on our side. You see? So there's nothing
to worry about comrade.
Boyo: Oh yea, you got the dwarfs. Do you know where they live? Or you
think we will see them every time?
Clinton: Huh, don't you think we should go back and ask where they reside?
Boyo: That's so dumb! We don't even know the road that led us here,
just look behind you.
Clinton: Oh, oh. Well we will just have to come back later.
Boyo: Yes, but right now our thought would be how to get home first.

The boys rode and stopped at a stream so that their horses would drink
after a long ride that day, as the horses were drinking they heard a
lady shouting.
The two of them sneaked and searched for the direction of the scream,
they saw a lady in her early twenties, she was with three men who tore
her cloths and wanted to rape her but she refused their advance.
The two other men now pinned the lady at the ground while the other
wanted to rape her at that instant.

Clinton: Let's do something brave comrade.
Boyo: Yes! We will tell the villagers how we saved people in our adventure!

The two of them came out and shouted at the men, one of the men
grabbed the lady while the two others pulled out their swords.

Man 1: Who are you kids?
Clinton: We are great swordmen from the kingdom of Alimadu.
Man 1: Alright, so what do you two want?
Clinton: Let the girl go!
Man 2: Idiots!

The two men charged at Clinton and Boyo, after three minutes of
fighting the both of them were pinned down by Clinton and Boyo. The
third man had no choice but to leave the lady, the other two stood up
and ran away with the third.

The lady was so tired so Clinton carried her to the stream so she
could drink some water and gain strenght.


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