Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 13)

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<< The Ambush >>

As Clinton and Boyo rode off to their kingdom it seems the necklaces
were the one giving them directions, they passed many places and
recognized those places.
They rode for a day and didn't get tired probably because of the
fruits they ate before, their minds were all set for home.

Boyo: We would be home in two days time.
Clinton: Sure, we have been riding for a day yet both we and our
horses haven't got tired.
Boyo: I think it's the fruits we ate at the white witches place, our
energy was building up very fast as we were eating it.
Clinton: Thanks to them, we would get home very soon.
Boyo: Yea! We are the greatest swordmen.
Clinton: Yes, I'm just thinking.
Boyo: Thinking about what?
Clinton: Well, I was just thinking. Maybe those guys we chased away
that day could be planning an ambush for us.
Boyo: We will chase them off again.
Clinton: Hmm, what if they come with more men like a hundred.
Boyo: We fight!
Clinton: The both of us can't defeat a hundred men, we just have to
maybe surrender.
Boyo: Surrender? That's a big no for me. We fight till we die, that's
what swordmen does.
Clinton: You seems not to get it, we have to reach the kingdom at all cost.
Boyo: And how do we get to the kingdom if we are held captive by them?
Clinton: We will develop an escape plan.
Boyo: Escape plan? What if they try to kill us instantly?
Clinton: Then, that's when we will fight till death.
Boyo: Oh yea, now you talk like a good swordman.
Clinton: Thank you comrade, our dreams will surely come to pass.

Meanwhile for the past two days Temi and Timo had led another search
party which comprise their fellow classmates, they were about
twentyfive in number.

Temi: I have a feeling that we will catch up with them very soon.
Timo: I hope so, they must be skinny by now and scavenging on any food they see.
Temi: Don't say such about them.
Timo: Why? Because of Clinton isn't it?
Temi: They are all our comrades and we mustn't talk bad about them.
Ebuka: Yes, Temi is right. We must respect our comrades and not speak
bad about them.
Timo: (to Ebuka) What do you know fat guy?
Ebuka: I may be fat but I'm a way more stronger than many of us.
Timo: Save that story for the kids, they will appreciate you.
Ebuka: Shut up!
Timo: Are you telling me to shut up?
Temi: It's enough.
Timo: He has gone past his limit.
Temi: Timo don't make me wish I brought the dogs instead of you.

The search party laughed as Temi said that and Timo was visibly angry.

Timo: I will deal with you someday.
Temi: Save that story for the kids, I think they will appreciate you.

The search party laughed again as she said that.

Timo: Climb down from your horse and challenge me.
Temi: Maybe later, let's complete our mission first.
Timo: No problem then.

They rode off!

Meanwhile Clinton and Boyo was just thirty minutes close to the search party.

Boyo: I don't think there's going to be any ambush, it seems we have
passed the dangerous parts.
Clinton: It seems right? I just hope so, no distraction is needed. We
have to get home fast.

The boys rode for twentysix minutes and many men numbering up to 70
came out of the bush with their swords and arrows.

Man1: Hey you two, you think yo can run away? Now climb down from your horses.

The boys climbed down.

Clinton: We are sorry sir, we didn't mean to interrupt you the other
day. We just wanted to do something brave.
Man1: Brave? Them your braveness will end here.
Boyo: We fight till death.
Man1: (to Boyo) you must be a brave one. Not scared of death? Then you
will have it here.
Clinton: (to Boyo) Keep calm we have been outnumbered.
Man 1: Yes, and you know what that means. Slaughter!
Clinton: Have mercy on us.
Boyo: Clinton a true sword man never begs for mercy.
Clinton: This is a different case comrade.

As the boys were still talking the search party had already spotted
them, and were watching them from a hiding place.

Temi: Timo what do you suggest we do?
Timo: Let's slaughter those pigs.
Ebuka: They are too many.
Temi: And huge!
Timo: Number doesn't matter. Strength does!
Ebuka: This is a different situation.
Timo: I say we fight!
Temi: Let's give it a try.
Timo: (shouts) Charge!
Search Party: Charge!

They charged towards the men, Clinton and Boyo had no choice but to
join the fight. They were almost about defeating the men when the men
reinforcement came, the fight was now too heavy for the search party
and Clinton and Boyo.
The men and their reinforcement were now too many for the boys and the
search party, the men surrounded them and made to slaughter them.

Timo: We surrender!


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