Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 14)

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<< The Captured Swordmen >>

The fight was too much for the search party and Clinton and Boyo, so
Timo shouted to the men that ambushed the two boys that they had

Man1: What did you say?
Timo: I said we surrender.
Man1: Will you all agree to be be our slaves and have your lives spared?
Timo: (looks at others and they were afraid) Yes! We are ready to be
your slaves, (kneels down) just spare I and my comrades lives please.
Man1: Very well, we will take you people to our mining site where you
all will work everyday.
Boyo: Never! I will rather die than to be your slave.
Man2: Then you will die here, right now.
Clinton: Wait, don't listen to him. He is just angry, he hadn't lost a
first before.
Boyo: (to Clinton) Are you not a real swordman? A real swordman never
backs down and I will never back down.
Clinton: I understand you comrade but we have to stay alive, that's
our priority now. Remember the promise we made when we came out of
that island, it can only be fulfilled if we stay alive.
Boyo: (feeling sad) Thanks.
Man1: So well, what do you say?
Clinton: He have backed down.
Man1: Very well, let's tie you kids up first.

The men tied the swordmen with chains on their legs and on their
hands, Boyo was so angry with himself. He remembered when he promised
himself that he wouldn't lose any match, well he can't win a match if
The men were done with tying the boys.

Man1: Alright we will march to the mine, if anyone of you tries
anything funny you have to kiss yourself goodbye.
Temi: How soon are we going to be freed?
Man1: Freed? Did I hear you say freed? You all will work in the mine
till you die!
Ebuka: Oh lord.
Temi: Please we will give you all our money, we got many of them.
Man1: Keep your money to yourself, we have got many of it.
Timo: Oh God, is this how it's going to be?
Man1: Yes, it's going to take us two days to get to the mine. We will
camp in the forest at sunset.
Temi: Oh great! I wish I never came here.
Clinton: We never needed your help.
Temi: Huh? Does it look like I came for you?
Clinton: Whatever! We never needed your help, we were doing fine
before you people interfered.
Temi: Hmm, see who's talking. You couldn't even defeat a girl like me.
Clinton: Shut up! I don't want to hear about that again.
Temi: And what will you do kid?
Boyo: You two should stop it, it wouldn't help us right now.
Clinton: Right, just tell her to keep her mouth shut.
Timo: She wouldn't, I know her very well.
Boyo: Just calm down everyone, we just have to focus and then maybe we
can come up with something.

Sunset reached and the men ordered them to stop at an open spot, they
unlocked their chains and ordered them to build the camp. Some of the
men surrounded the place just in case anyone tries to escape, the
swordmen were made to set the fire and cook. They were made to taste
the food first before the other men ate it.

Night came and the swordmen gathered around a fire but were under
watch by the men, the expressions on many of their faces were like
that of someone who was faced with death.

Timo: Where's Apha?
Boyo: It's another story, we will talk about it later.
Temi: Do you mean he is...?
Clinton: He said we will talk about it later.
Temi: Clinton why do you behave this way towards me?
Clinton: It's because you are annoying!
Temi: Okay, I agree. Maybe we can settle our differences here.
Clinton: That will only be possible when pigs starts to fly.
Temi: We are both comrades and must be united.
Boyo: Temi you can't settle your differences here, maybe in another
place another time.
Temi: Alright then, another time.

The swordmen retired to sleep after much talks around the fire,
Clinton had a nightmare. He dreamt where he was tied at a tree and
Apha with the seven witches stabbed him, he woke up shouting. It was
morning now and the other swordmen woke up at the sound of his voice,
the other men turned toward his direction. Clinton was shaking

Temi: What's wrong?
Ebuka: It must be a nightmare, let him rest.

Clinton unknownly hugged Temi as he was looking for who to hold on to,
Temi smiled. When Clinton noticed it he didn't want to behave rude so
he thanked her. They all prepared and got ready to start moving.

Man1: We will take a shortcut and get to the mine this evening,
remember don't try anything funny.

The swordmen walked along with sad expressions on their faces.

Timo: We are doomed!
Ebuka: Oh mahn, we are as good as dead.
Temi: We don't even have an escape plan yet.
Clinton was still thinking about his hug with Temi, he felt warm with her.

They walked for sometime and an arrow from nowhere struck one of the
men and he died instantly.

Man1: Who's there?


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