Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 15)

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As the arrow from nowhere struck one of the men who held the swordmen
captive he died instantly, their leader asked who was there.

Man1: I ask again, who is there?

There was no response too but another arrow struck one of them also
and he died instantly.

Man1: It seems we have been ambushed by a rival mining site owners.
Man2: Then why are they playing hide and seek with us? They should
face us man to man.
Man3: We should have brought the shields.
Man1: Shut up! We didn't know we would run into this kind of trouble.

An arrow made for the leader of the men (Man1) but he managed to
slightly dodge it and it struck his right arm.
He screamed in pain. Two of his men came over to cover him and two
arrows struck them down.

Man1: Who are you people? Show yourselves! If you people are men
enough then show yourself.

He got no response.

Man4: Sir the arrows are coming from different directions, what are we
going to do now?
Man1: We have been ambushed. Now all of you should face to all
directions, the archers should also get ready to fire at my command.
(to the swordmen) Now you people should lie on the ground, you should
be safe because we need you people to work day and night at our mining
Timo: Yes sir!

The swordmen all lied down and closed their ears.

Clinton: I think we should escape now, it's our chance. We need to
take the risk or we might end up in the mine.
Timo: What? Do you want us dead? They will kill us if we try to run.
Boyo: This is an ambush and it is somehow impossible for this men to
win since they don't know which direction their enemy is coming from.
Temi: Yes, that's true. We just have to lie down here and see the way it goes.
Clinton: Boyo are you thinking what I'm thinking ?
Boyo: No what's it?
Clinton: Maybe it could be the necklaces that are working for us.
Boyo: Yes sure, it could be it.
Temi: What necklace?
Boyo: Some white witches gave I and Clinton two necklaces.
Timo: White what? I'm dead.
Temi: Hmm, I had thought witches are no more in this world.
Clinton: Let's keep calm and focus, the fight is yet about to start.
Temi: Oh yea.
Clinton: We should get ready to make use of our swords kept there
(points to their swords on the ground), we might be caught inside the
fight so we have to get ready to defend ourselves.
Boyo: Sure, that's a good idea.

Just as the leader of the men was about to shout fire to his archers
an arrow struck his neck and blood gushed out from his nose and mouth,
some of his men surrounded him and saw that they could do nothing to
help the situation.

Clinton: Oh yes their leader is down! This is to the rival advantage
because the men will be disorganized and wouldn't know who to receive
order from, they will just behave anyhow or they might even run away.
Temi: Well what if they run away? The other rival group could hold us
hostage too, I remember them saying they could be rival mine owners.
Timo: Then the situation would get messier.
Ebuka: Oh we are really doomed!
Boyo: I suggest we will fight back.
Clinton: Right!
Temi: Right!
Ebuka: Are you all crazy? We are going to die.
Clinton: Maybe or maybe not.

Just in a moment many arrows struck the men with their fallen leader
also, the rest of them ran away and also many arrows followed them and
some got killed while the lucky one's escaped.

The boys and the search party were still lieing down in suprise, they
didn't know what to do next.

Clinton: I think the worst is over.
Timo: What about the rival team?
Clinton: I think maybe we can talk to them.

Voski: Hey all of you stand up!

The swordmen stood up in fear with their eyes closed.

Voski: Open your eyes.

They opened their eyes , Clinton and Boyo saw Voski and happily called
his name, the others were shaking because they thought that dwarfs
were no more. They also saw dwarfs as relatives to witches.

Voski: (to Clinton and Boyo) Why are your friends shaking?
Clinton: Oh they see dwarfs as relatives to the witches and they
believed the story that your kind was no more.
Voski: Oh, I see. Well the white witches ordered I and my men to save
you guys. They said someone among you guys is special.
Clinton: Wow, thanks to you and them.
Boyo: So where are the rest of your people?

Voski called out the remaining dwarfs and when the search party saw
them they all fainted.

Voski: (to Clinton & Boyo) Your friends are funny!


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