Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 16)

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<< Off To The Kingdom >>

Voski poured water on the swordmen that fainted and they woke up, they
looked at the dwarfs in fear.

Temi: Clinton who are this people?
Clinton: Our friends.
Temi: Your friends? Oh my...
Voski: (to Temi) We are also your friends now.
Temi: Oh, are you people really real?
Timo: We could be under a spell, ahh.
Ebuka: But there's no witch yet.
Timo: Shut it up, they are relatives to the witches.
Voski: That is a lie!
Clinton: Don't mind them, they behave this way sometimes.
Voski: Okay then, maybe they need a little rest.
Clinton: Sure.

Boyo and Clinton tried to explain who the dwarfs were to the swordmen,
few were still in fear while the others seem to understand what the
two boys were saying.

Temi: Okay, I got you two.
Boyo: Good, so may we see the dwarfs now?
Timo: No, I mean let's wait for sometime. Well, let's just wait a little.
Ebuka: Yea, we are exhausted you know. Maybe we can sleep for a while.
Temi: Sleep? We have to make it to the kingdom very fast.
Ebuka: Yea, but the body needs rest.
Boyo: You see, Temi is right. I and Clinton have be away for a very
long time, and also the people of the kingdom are worried concerning
our whereabout.
Clinton: Sure, you are right Boyo but the body needs rest.
Ebuka: (yawns) Oh yea, someone got my back here.
Timo: Where's Apha?
Boyo: (tears) He's dead.
Temi: What?

The entire search party became sad, they all shed tears except few hard ones.

Timo: How did it happen and where is his body?
Clinton: When we are close to the gate of the kingdom I will explain everything.
Temi: (sad) Okay.

The dwarfs came over and offered them food and water, they ate it all
in no time. The food tasted so great, they were smiling and eating it.

Temi: This food tastes great.
Voski: You can say that again, we dwarfs are the best when it comes to
food and cooking.
Temi: Really?
Voski: Our food also builds up the body energy very fast and effciently.
Timo: Wow, that's why I'm feeling stronger now.
Ebuka: Oh great! I love this food.
Temi: What else do you love if not food?
Ebuka: Funny huh?

Voski and the other dwarfs came over, the search party were no longer

Voski: I hope you people are done?
Ebuka: Yes sure.
Voski: That's good. (to Clinton and Boyo) your horses are safe with us.
Clinton: Oh yea, thanks alot.
Voski: It's nothing really. I and my men will be going back.
Temi: Wait, so the rumours about your extinction was a lie?
Voski: Yes, we are just a few left.
Temi: Hmm, can you tell me how you people survived?
Voski: Okay, if that's what you want.

Voski told them all he told Boyo and Clinton.

Temi: Oh, we are so sorry.
Voski: Thanks, I think it is time I and my people move out.
Timo: Okay bye.

The swordmen watched as the dwarfs dissappeared into the bush.

Temi: Who will believe us when we say we saw dwarfs?
Boyo: That was the same question I and Clinton asked ourselves, it's a
good thing that you people are our witness.
Temi: Yea, there could be more things in existence that we believe are gone.
Timo: You are right.

The swordmen moved on and rode on their horses for three days before
getting close to their kingdom, they had met many new people as were
returning back.

When they got close to the gate of the kingdom Timo stopped and
reminded Boyo and Clinton what they said, Clinton told them everything
with tears running down through his cheeks. The swordmen were all in a
sad mood.

Ebuka: That's so bad, the problem is that the people of the kingdom
wouldn't believe your story, they will ask for proof.
Clinton: If proof is the only thing they want then I will give it to them.
Boyo: Me too.
Temi: How?
Clinton: We will head back to the island and bring back a proof.
Temi: But's that's too dangerous.
Clinton: It doesn't matter now.

The boys rode into the kingdom as people were rejoicing for their
return, when Clinton and Boyo saw Apha's parents they melted deep
inside of them.


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