Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 17)

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<< Where Is Apha? >>

Clinton and Boyo hearts melted deep down when they saw Apha's parents
in the crowd that welcomed them home, it could be seen that their eyes
were searching for Apha.

Clinton: (to Boyo) We are home at last.
Boyo: Yes, but with a great loss.
Clinton: Apha right?
Boyo: Yes, his parents are right now searching for him among us.
Clinton: It seems the worst is yet to happen.
Temi: You guys should remain calm, atleast the king will believe your
story. They know you two can't lie.
Clinton: Huh? They believe that witches no longer exists.
Temi: (smiles because of Clinton) And dwarfs too but we saw the
dwarfs, maybe that will make him believe you two.
Clinton: Maybe let's just hope so.

A messenger arrived in front of the boys, he told that they should go
straight to king Chibueze palace. He said they will dine with the king
in his feast table.

Ebuka: Oh yea! We are going to eat with the king, we are so lucky and
special. Hahaha, yummy yummy yummy (smiles).
Clinton: Funny one, let's ride faster so we will be there early.

The swordmen rode faster as Apha's parents called their names but they
didn't hear.

(In Abdulrasaq's Home)

A guard walked into Abdulrasaq as he was relaxing in the sitting room.

Guard: Sir, there's a message from Kanu.
(Kanu is Abdulrasaq number one soldier).
Abdulrasaq: What's the message?
Guard: Your son is back in town and they are going to have a feast
with the king.
Abdulrasaq: Okay. Tell Kanu to bring him here after the feast.
Guard: Okay sir.

(Back To The Kindgom)

The boys rode into the palace.

Ebuka: Wow! This place is cool.
Temi: Yea.
Timo: I think I will serve in this palace.
Temi: Clinton what do you think?
Clinton: Nothing really.
Temi: I'm sorry, I know it must be Apha.
Boyo: Yea, we failed him.
Temi: Come on, I know you both tried your best there.
Clinton: It doesn't matter now, what has happened has happened. I am
ready to take any consequences if there is any.
Boyo: Me too.

They all climbed down from their horses and one of the guards led to
to the king's feast hall.
King Chibueze was in his early forties.

The food was still hot, the swordmen smiled as they perceived the
aroma except Clinton and Boyo.

King Chibueze: Now eat before we talk.

The swordmen started eating the food fast but Clinton and Boyo only
ate a little.

(At The Palace Gate)

Apha's parents approached the guards at the palace gate.

Apha's Father: Our son is missing among the swordmen, his name is Apha
and he earlier left with Clinton and Boyo.
Guard: Are you sure about this?
Apha's Father: Yes.
Guard: Okay, I will send your message to the king.
Apha's Father: Thank you.

(At The Feast Hall)

Everyone was done eating.

King Chibueze: I am very happy to welcome you all back home, I know
that you must have fought with thieves and bandits in the forest.
Tomorrow you all will the given the crest of courage, when other
swordmen from other kingdom see you they will always respect you.
Temi: That's great, I can't wait to have it.
Ebuka: Me too.
King Chibueze: Very well then, you people should tell me about your adventure.

They were about to start when a guard came into the feast hall and
whispered Apha's parents message to the king.

King Chibueze: What? Clinton and Boyo stand up!

The two boys stood up.

King Chibueze: Where is Apha?
Clinton: He is dead.
King Chibueze: Who killed him and where is his body?
Clinton: Some witches did and his body is with them.
King Chibueze: You expect me to believe you after you mentioned witches?
Temi: They could be right sir.
King Chibueze: Shut up! Guards!

The guards came and the king ordered them to throw the two boys inside
the dungeon till he had made his decision, the boys were chained and
dragged out of the hall.

The rest of the swordmen were sad, the king reminded them to come the
next day for their crest of courage and he walked away.

( In Abdulrasaq Home)

Guard: Sir, there's a disturbing update from Kanu.
Abdulrasaq: A disturbing one?
Guard: Yes, your son and his cousin have been thrown to the dungeon
because their friend is missing.
Abdulrasaq: What? Tell Kanu to find a way to talk sense into the
stupid king brain.
Guard: Yes sir!


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