Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 18)

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<< The King's Decision >>

(In The Dungeon)

Clinton and Boyo were thrown into the dungeon made for murderers, they
were the only ones in their dungeon.

Clinton: So this is it.
Boyo: Maybe, but he didn't even give us a fair hearing.
Clinton: Maybe he was just too angry to think straight, anyone would suspect us.
Boyo: And the addition of witches made the matter worse.
Clinton: Yes, but I expected him to atleast make us to show a proof.
Boyo: Yes, let's just wait till the next day. He could change his mind
and grant us fair hearing.
Clinton: Let's hope so, if they also don't take what we say about the
witches serious the worse might happen.
Boyo: Like an invasion?
Clinton: Yes, maybe.

A guard came over and told them that the others would receive the
crest of courage from the king the next day, he laughed at the boys
and said that the dungeon is where they are suppose to be. They didn't
reply him but felt sad deep down.

Clinton: (to Boyo) A crest of courage?
Boyo: Yes, those with it are highly respected anywhere they go.
Clinton: So the king gave them that because he thought they fought
battles and saved us. Huh?
Boyo: Yeap, I think so.
Clinton: That's no right, the crest is meant for the two of us.
Boyo: Yes, but there's nothing we can do about it.
Clinton: Damn it!
Boyo: Oh yea!

( In The King's Palace)

A council to the king Ndu, who was a very close friend to Kanu seeked
audience with the king, Kanu had already briefed Ndu about what
Abdulrasaq told him. He was granted audience by the king.

Ndu: Good evening my king.
King Chibueze: Evening my friend. I thought you would be resting for a week.
Ndu: Yes, but a very important issue brought me here.
King Chibueze: And what could that be?
Ndu: It's about the boys you threw in the dungeon.
King Chibueze: What about them? They deserves to be there, they are
the only suspects. Also they are talking about witches that don't
Ndu: Yes my king, I know but you should atleast give them the chance
to prove their innocence.
King Chibueze: So what do you say I do?
Ndu: Call them out in the presence of their fellow swordmen and tell
them to prove their innocence or face death.
King Chibueze: Well since you say so, I will do as you say.
Ndu: Thank you.

(In Abdulraraq's Home)

The guard walks into the sitting room to meet Abdulrasaq.

Guard: The king has been convinced by Ndu.
Abdulrasaq: I know they will try to proof their innocence by going to
the island. Kanu will bring them here before then.
Guard: Okay sir.

(In The Island Of Elu)
The witches gathered again.

Witch Bola: By now those two little kids would be on their way here.
Witch Haruna: No way, they can't. They wouldn't dare, they are kids
and wouldn't have the courage to step into this island again.
Witch Bola: Didn't you hear them say they will be back?
Witch Haruna: Those were just bragging, they wouldn't dare.
Witch Bola: They are kids right? That is the reason why they will be
back, what do kids know?
Witch Ngozi: You are right, and we will be waiting ready to devour them.
Witch Bola: The time their friends will be useful to us will soon arrive.
They all laughed and it echoed in the entire island.

Meanwhile Clinton and Boyo were brought out the next day in the
presence of the other swordmen.

King Chibueze: How will the two of you prove your innocence?
Clinton: We will go back to the island to bring a prove.
King Chibueze: This might be an escape plan for the two of you.
Boyo: No sir, we give you our word.
King Chibueze: Very well then, if the two of you don't come back
within a month time you will all be declared wanted in the whole
Now you all will be freed and given a chance to meet your parents
before departure.

They untied the two of them and they went with sad faces to meet their parents.

When Clinton got home he met his mother moody, after she advised him
Clinton made to go. A man stepped in front of the house and Clinton
asked who he was.

Kanu: I am Kanu, your father sent me to bring you.
Clinton: (suprised) My father?


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