Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 19)

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<< Father And Son >>

When Kanu told Clinton that he father sent for him, he was suprised
and didn't believe him because he didn't know anytime about him since
birth. His mother had always told him that his father was a great man,
he thought he was long gone.

Clinton: (to Kanu) I don't believe you.
Kanu: I know it's hard to believe but it's the truth.
Clinton: No, I don't even know you.
Kanu: I am you father's best man, come on it's urgent.
Clinton: Go and feed someone else that lie, I have an important place to go.
Kanu: I know, you can ask your mother about me.
Clinton: Mum!

His mother came out and was suprised to see Kanu.

Clinton: Mum, do you know this man?
Kanu: Nnenna it's me.
Clinton: Answer me mum.
Nnenna: Yes, I know him.
Clinton: How and where did you know him?
Nnenna: He is your father best friend.
Clinton: (suprised) Who is my fathe?.
Nnenna: Follow him.
Clinton: Okay mum, tell Boyo I will be back soon.
Nnnena: Okay my son.
Clinton: (to Kanu) I hope the journey is not long, I have somewhere to go.
Kanu: Yes, we will take a shortcut.

The two of them walked through a secret path and came out of a wide
place with up to fifteen houses.

Kanu: (pointing to the houses) There it is.

(Outside The King Palace)

The king was giving the swordmen the crest of courage in the open
place in his palace.
The swordmen were so happy because it was a very great feat that
others would envy them for, they all jubilated, ate, drank and danced
with the king and his swordmen. When they were done the king had
something to say.

King Chibueze: I am so proud of all of you, you have shown courage and
strength. I hope you people won't dissappoint me like your fellow two
swordmen. Enjoy! This is your day.

Temi and Timo raised up their hands to speak and the king allowed Temi
to speak first.

Temi: Sir, I think you shouldn't say that they dissapointed you till
they come back. They must have tried their best to save their friend.
King Chibueze: Are you supporting them?
Temi: Not that sir, I was just saying my mind.
King Chibueze: Okay. Timo what do you have to say?
Timo: I think we should go with them.
King Chibueze: Haha, anyone of you can go with them. But know that it
is the same fate that awaits them that also awaits you if they don't
come back with proof.
Temi: We know sir.
King Chibueze: Very well then, how many of you will go?

After the king asked the question only four people agreed to go, and
they were Temi, Timo, Ebuka and Aisha.

They were happy, atleast they were helping their friends.

( In Clinton's Home)

Boyo came over and knocked at the door, then Clinton's mother came out.

Boyo: Good morning Aunty, I'm here for Clinton.
Clinton's Mum: Oh, you can wait for him a little. He went on an errand for me.
Boyo: Okay, I will.

( In Abdulrasaq's Home)

The guard went inside the sitting room and informed Abdulrasaq that
Clinton and Kanu had arrive, he told him to bring them in.
Clinton and Kanu walked in.

Abdulrasaq: My son.
Clinton: Father?
Abdulrasaq: Yes.

They both hugged each other.

Clinton: Why did you leave me alone all this time?
Abdulrasaq: It is something I myself don't understand.
Clinton: Why now?
Abdulrasaq: I want you to know that you are the son of the great
Abdulrasaq, and also you are the only hope of the human kingdoms. Only
with your help will the witches be defeated.
Clinton: What do you mean?
Abdulrasaq: I don't want to delay you from your journey, the necklace
which you wear will bring back you and your friends back safely.
Clinton: Father, how did you know about the necklace?
Abdulrasaq: When you come back there will be many things I will have
to tell you, (brought out a sword) take this sword. It is called the
lightening sword, only you can weild it.
Clinton: I don't understand.
Abdulrasaq: You were born a wizard! Ask no more questions, your friend
would be waiting for you.
Clinton: I will be back alive father.

Clinton ran out so he won't keep Boyo waiting, he met Boyo at the
front of his house.

Clinton informed his Mum that he was on his way and she wished them goodluck.

They rode to the gate with their horses and the others who volunteered
to help them caught up with them.

Clinton: What are you guys doing here?
Timo: Just helping you two, don't worry the king knows about it.
Boyo: That means.....
Timo: Don't worry, let's hit the road!
Clinton: Alright my comrades!

They all rode out of the kingdom.

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