Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 20)

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<< The Troubled Village >>

The two boys with the four others who volunteered to help them rode
off from the kingdom heading to the island, the four others knew the
consequences of their actions. They will receive what ever punishment
the two will receive, but they have to do for their friendship and
Temi did that especially for Clinton.
Their parents had tried to stop them from going but they didn't heed
to their warning, each of them was determined to do what they believe
in. To save their comrades, it will make their friendship more
stronger and they also see it as a way of helping their kingdom.

The swordmen had many codes in which they carry in their hearts all
their lives, one was to never let your fellow comrade fall (die) in
battle. Ofcourse that was one of the toughest codes, but it also had
it's exception.
According to the king Clinton and Boyo couldn't provide any detail of
the death of Apha and also witches don't exists, therefore the two
boys were the ones to be held responsible for him.

The swordmen are the pride of every kingdom so laws are made to
protect them, and also in return protecting the kingdom.

The six swordmen were determined in their mission.

They were all racing fastly with their horses and Clinton ordered them
to slow down.

Aisha: Why are we slowing down?
Clinton: I just thought maybe you people should know a few things
about the island we are heading to.
Temi: Sure.
Clinton: A day inside that island is a week over here.
Ebuka: What?
Clinton: Yes, so we will be very fast and quiet.
Temi: Oh great, so what proof are we actually going to bring back?
Clinton: We may fortunately run into our dwarf friends, and they might
help us out.
Boyo: Yes, and also don't touch or eat anything attractive in the
island. That was what lead to Apha's downfall.
Timo: Oh I see, he must have been trying to prove how brave he was.
Well that warning should go directly to Ebuka, he loves food more than
his mother.
Ebuka: Hey, don't say that you idiot.
Timo: Hmm? What can you really do? Huh?
Boyo: You two should stop it, we have something important to attend to.
Ebuka: Alright, but warn him never to insult my mum again.
Timo: Heard!
Temi: Okay guys, let's hit the road!

They all rode off with speed as they continued the journey.

( In The Wizard Emeka's Home )

Abdulrasaq paid the great wizard Emeka a visit.

Emeka: Welcome my friend.
Abdulrasaq: Thank you. I believe by now you must known the boys and
few of their friends are on their way to the island of Elu.
Emeka: Yes, I know.
Abdulrasaq: I know the white witches necklaces will keep them safe,
but what about adding an extra support like you following them
Emeka: No, you don't really have to worry. I was about to communicate
with the white witches to send the dwarfs as support.
Abdulrasaq: Oh yea, that's good. The dwarfs can hadle the witches pretty well.
Emeka: Yes.
Abdulrasaq: Well I gave my son the lightening sword, I will be
counting on you to teach him more when he gets back.
Emeka: That is no problem.
Abdulrasaq: Alright then, I will take my leave now.

Abdulrasaq left the place, and Emeka spoke to the white witches to
direct the dwarfs to wait for Clinton and his comrades at the
mysterious forest.

(Back To The Swordmen)

The swordmen got to a village and saw the people there crying.

Clinton: Let's go and check what's wrong.

They climbed down from their horses and asked the people in the
village but no one replied them.

Temi: Nobody wants to speak.

After Temi spoke a woman in her early thirties said she will speak.

Gold: My name is Gold, the villagers are afraid to speak because of
the lord of the forest. He is the head of a bad gang, he terrorises
many villages. We need help but are afraid to speak, they will be here
tomorrow morning.
Clinton: Alright then, we will help.
Boyo: Yes!
Gold: Really?
Clinton: Sure.
Timo: What about the mission?
Clinton: It's almost evening, so we can camp here. We have 29days left.
Temi: No problem.

Gold took them to a quarter meant for vistors, and she provided water
for their horses.
Gold also gave them food.

Clinton: (to Gold) This food is delicious.
Gold: (smiles) Thanks, I will be back later.
Clinton: Okay.


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