Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 21)

If you missed the episode 20 of this story, please read it here


<< The Jealous Temi >>

The six swordmen were done eating the delicious meal prepared for them
by Gold, they smiled as they ate the food.

Temi: This food is delicious.
Aisha: Yea, we could eat more tomorrow.
Clinton: Talking about tomorrow, remember that we have to face the so
call lord of the forest.
Boyo: Yes, we can do it.
Clinton: Hmm, we don't even know how many men he got.
Timo: Yes, but strength is what that matters.
Ebuka: (laughs) Timo you said the same thing when we faced those
bandits. Hahaha.
Timo: Well, that was an exception.
Ebuka: Heared!
Temi: We need to have a plan then.
Clinton: Yes, Gold said she would be back. When she's back I can have
a little time with her outside.
Timo: Yea, talking about Gold she's so beautiful.
Ebuka: Sure, I will hug her before we leave this town.
Temi: Hmm, can we just talk about the plan?
Boyo: Clinton said he would have a word with Gold when she's back.

They heared a knock on the door, they asked who it was and Gold
answered that it was her.

Gold: You people are done.
Clinton: Yes, thanks for the food. It was delicious.
Temi: Your local delicacies must be great.
Gold: Yes, thanks to my mother. She thought me well.

Timo and Ebuka smiled at her and she smiled back. She packed the
plates and made to go out, Clinton asked if she could have a word with
her outside. She agreed but had to drop the plates first before
returning back, Clinton had to wait a little for her outside.

She came back smiling at Clinton. They walked along as they talked.

Gold: So you want to have a word with me.
Clinton: Yes, it's about the lord of the forest, who is he really?
Gold: He's a huge guy, who controls a hundred of bandits.
Clinton: A hundred? Do he come with all of them?
Gold: No, just like twenty, thirty. The rest waits in the forest.
Clinton: Okay, so that means we are going to fight with twenty, thirty
bandits and then go find the rest in the forest.
Gold: Yes, this village has no swordman. We can be easily attacked by bandits.
Clinton: Okay, we will take care of the situation.
Gold: Thank you very much.
Clinton: It's nothing. Show me where you stay and so whenever
something arise.....
Gold: (points) I stay over there.
Clinton: Good, let me be on my way back.
Gold: Wait, do you care for a warm bath?
Clinton: Sure.
Gold: (winks) Follow me.

Clinton followed her.

(Back To The Other Swordmen)

Boyo: What's taking him so long?
Timo: Maybe he's down with her, that lady is charming.
Temi: (feeling jealous) That can't be, maybe he have a lot of questions to ask.
Ebuka: Go check on him.

Temi stepped out to look for Clinton.

Meanwhile now Clinton and Gold were together in a warm bathtub outside.

Clinton: This's nice.
Gold: Thank you, the lord of the forest will be here just when the sun
will start to rise.
Clinton: That means we have to get ready before then.
Gold: Yes, (she moves towards Clinton) do you want to try something?
Clinton: Like what?
Gold: (she kissed Clinton) This.

Clinton was suprised as in shock with his mouth open, Gold kissed him
again. She hugged him and he did the same, they kissed as they were
both sexually excited.

Temi was now looking for Clinton and she heared moans, she went over
to the direction and saw that it was Clinton and Gold making out
inside the warm bathtub.
She was shocked herself and little tears rushed from her eyes, but she
wiped them off and said she would have earlier told Clinton her

She went to the others with a sad face. Boyo asked what it was and she
said nothing.

Timo: It's just like I said!
Ebuka: Clinton is one lucky guy!
Boyo: (remembers time with the witches) Sure!

(Back To Clinton and Gold)

They both were done, they were now having a drink brought by Gold.

Gold: You are such a nice guy.
Clinton: Thanks.
Gold: After this fight maybe you might have a girlfriend after, and I
may be married then.
Clinton: Maybe, I don't really have a girl in mind.
Gold: Don't worry, you will have soon.
Clinton: I have to go now.
Gold: Okay.

They both climbed out of the bathtub and dressed up.

Clinton got back to the others, the boys hailed him while the two
girls kept quiet.

Clinton: (to Temi & Aisha) What's the matter?
Temi: (smiles) Nothing dear.
Timo: Dear?
Clinton: I have a plan!
Boyo: What's the plan?


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