Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 22)

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<< The Plan >>

After Clinton came back from his meeting with Gold, the boys hailed
him while the two girls kept quiet.
He calmed down and said he had a plan on how they were going to stop
the lord of the forest, Boyo asked what the plan was and Clinton

Clinton: The lord of the forest have up to a hundred men....
Timo: Hundred?
Ebuka: Oh shit!
Temi: (to Aisha) The guys are afraid.
Timo: We were just joking you know....
Ebuka: Who was joking? I meant it! How can the six of us fight them?
Boyo: Clinton said he has a plan, let's hear him.
Clinton: Gold said that the lord of the forest comes with twenty,
thirty men and the rest stays in the forest.
Three of us will use the archer and hide when they come, the rest
three will meet the bandits one on one.
To the archers, when I raise my two fingers up then I mean fire.
Boyo: So who's going to be the archers?
Clinton: The girls and Ebuka.
Ebuka: Wonderful.
Timo: Damn!
Temi: I want to fight one on one.
Timo: Good, let's switch places.
Clinton: Temi you might get hurt.
Temi: (smiles) Since when did you start caring about me?
Clinton: Never mind, you can switch places if you want.
Temi: (winks) Okay.
Timo: Great!
Aisha: (to Timo) I didn't know you were such a weak guy.
Timo: Watch your tongue, you little....
Temi: Timo stop that.
Timo: Ladies! How on earth were you people created?
Ebuka: I ask myself that too.
Clinton: And another thing.
Temi: What?
Clinton: The villagers have to hide, that will distract the bandits.
They will search for the villagers in groups and leave few to handle
I, Boyo and Temi. Then it will be easier for the archers to take them
down without the other groups knowing.
Temi: Brilliant! So how are we going to do that?
Clinton: I will meet Gold and ask her if the village have a hiding place.
Timo: Again? Be fast this time.
Clinton: No problem.
Temi: Can I come with you.
Clinton: If you wish to, I can't stop you.
Temi: Thank you.

Clinton and Temi walked out of the place, they were walking along
without talking to each other until Temi broke the silence.

Temi: It's cold tonight.
Clinton: Yes.
Temi: What took you so long the other time?
Clinton: (scratches his head) Nothing really, the discussion just took
much longer that expected.
Temi: Okay?
Clinton: (points to a direction) She lives over there.

They both walked towards Gold's door and knocked twice.

Gold: Who's there?
Clinton: It's me Clinton.
Gold: Oh, are you back for a second round?

Temi looked at Clinton and he smiled.

Clinton: Round? It's something very important.
Gold: Okay, I'm coming.

Gold came out and saw Clinton and Temi.

Gold: Oh you came with your girlfriend.
Clinton: Comrade.
Gold: Is that your code name of girlfriend? (laughs) Well you two
looks good together.
Temi: (smiles) Thanks.
Clinton: We came here for something important.
Gold: Okay, go on.
Clinton: Do you people have a safe hiding place? We want to fight the
bandits without involving the villagers.
Gold: Yes, but it will be hard to convince them.
Clinton: Just tell them something that will work, please be fast before sunrise.
Gold: I will try my best.
Clinton: Thank you.

Clinton and Temi walked back to where the others were.

Temi: Can you just hug me for a moment? I want to feel warm.
Clinton: Okay.

Clinton hugged her as a moment ran to seconds and then a minute.
They both couldn't leave each other till a minute.

Temi: Thank you.
Clinton: You don't have to keep thanking me for everything.
Temi: You see me as a rival that's why, can we settle our differences here?
Clinton: Yea.
Temi: With a kiss.

Temi didn't wait for Clinton to say anything and she hugged him, they
kissed for a while until a rabbit fell a cup down.

Temi: Oh, it was just a rabbit.
Clinton: Yes, let's shake hands. A kiss was your way and a handshake is mine.

She smiled as he said that and they shaked hands and headed back to the others.

(In Abdulrasaq's Home)

Kanu woke Abdulrasaq from sleep.

Abdulrasaq: Kanu what's the latest?
Kanu: The boys stopped at a little troubled village.
Abdulrasaq: I believe they can handle the situation.
Kanu: I hope so sir.
Abdulrasaq: That will be all for now.
Kanu: Okay sir.

( Back To The Swordmen)

Clinton had briefed them of his discussion with Gold.
Timo: She better be quick.

After Temi said that they heared a knock on the door.

Clinton: Who's there?
Gold: It's I Gold.
Clinton: Come in.

Gold entered in smiled.

Clinton: So how was it?

Gold touched her hair and smiled.

Clinton: Come on, tell us.


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